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AE86 related events & HR Official Events.

All AE86 Drift Comp


A couple of weeks back, the norcal AE86 guys got together (with the assistance of many, including Drift Social) for a day of fun and drifting. Lots of prizes and what seems flawless organisation the day made it a huge success. This quote from forum member MayanWarrior really tells you what these local AE86 meets are all about:

Me and ma lady, Elysha, will definitely remember this day for the rest of our lives. This really brought back a lot of great 86 culture memories. Everyone is so awesome! I’m so glad the media and popularity of these little slide buckets hasn’t changed the attitude of the Corolla owner at all.

Hell yeah! Check out the event threads here and here and the Picasa album (sorted by car number) here.

Hibino Takes Podium @ D1GP Okayama…


…on the top step alongside Daigo Saito for equal first place?! It was an interesting final for Saturday’s D1GP 2009 Round 3 event at Okayama International Circuit with both drivers punishing their cars in their battle for victory, destroying them in the process.


Long White Cloud (Of Tyre Smoke)


Keisuke from 86Fighters blog may be back in New Zealand but that hasn’t stopped his incurable hachiroku mania.  He’s been busy getting the skids on at a local grassroots drift day.

In New Zealand, there are a group called S-Club who organize the Joe Manji Events for like minded people who like to Manji!  I went with 3 hours sleep, no food or water and forgot my helmet. I wasn’t the most prepared to say the least, but had a very good time none the less! From missiles to “D1-Spec”, there were a variety of cars and talent in attendance – but thats the best part of it!

Head over to his blog and check out the galleries of the day. Gallery 1 & Gallery 2.

Adventures at International Drift Series


It’s been a while but I wanted to finally share some of my past adventures at the International Drift Series (IDS) over the past 2 months here in Europe. So far there have been three runs of the pro class and I will give you a short rundown on whats been going on!


Brisbane All-Japan Day


Local Brisbane HR member and all round good guy Hao got down to the event last weekend to snap a few shots off (all before his camera running out of battery power…) and i must say it’s a pretty impressive turnout.  Catering to all kinds of Japanese cars, both young and old, the Brisbane All-Japan Day was a huge success! Good job on a fairly impressive turnout from the AE86 scene up in Brisbane. Represent!

Check out the photos here, or just the ’86 related ones after the jump!


Idlers Circuit Meet @ Tsukuba


Idlers meets at Tsukuba Circuit.  Mike from SPEEDHUNTERS says “is where you’ll find the very best in Japanese automotive culture”. After seeing images such as these, I don’t doubt a single minute that he’s wrong! Here are some quotes from the article:

There have been a few changes to the event format since the last time I’ve been to one of these. There’s now an all-AE86 trophy race that’s been added to the festivities. It was a bit like an N2 race except that the cars were slightly more street-oriented.

and this one I’m still laughing over…

Although Idlers is strictly a grip event, it’s nearly impossible to get a bunch of tuned AE86 drivers together without at least a bit of tail-out antics.

Haha! It looks like we AE86 drivers have a bit of a reputation huh? I like that! Even though the event was dominated by Porsches, more than just a few AE86s turned up to race (and apparently get a little sideways too!), so jump over to SPEEDHUNTERS blog here and here to get all the pics!

2009 HR AE86 Annual!


It’s that special time of year again… Yes! That’s right, it’s time for the 2009 HR AE86 Annual! So clear your schedules for October 24 and 25 and read on for the juicy details! (psst! it’s a wickedly exclusive trackday event with touge loving too!)


AE86’s Of Nikko MSC


Alexi has a few pictures of AE86’s up on his site that attended the recent MSC day at Nikko Circuit (in which he placed roughly fifth, congrats Alexi!). So get over there and check ’em out.

Justin McClintock Race Wins @ Oran


As father time closes in on Australia’s historic Oran Park, one of HR’s hachiroku racers has taken pole, victory twice and set a personal best time on the famous circuit. With the track closing soon due to development, Justin has proven his car to be a mighty fast machine as the 3S-GE equipped, dry sumped machine came to Oran Park after only a hand full of meetings since the completion of its two year build.  Justin said on the HR forums:

Qualifying got me my first Pole Position with a 1.19.2 at Oran which is also a personal best. The car wasnt handling great though as i only won the first race by the slimmest of margins. Actually the tyres seemed to go off at the end of the race, but then Race 2 arrived and i managed to win that one too! The awesome weekend was going great: The car was quick, i was re-learning how to drive it again and all going well, then the final. I got a bad start, arrived at turn two in 2nd, slightly wet track ……. and then nothing. F%#K!! 3rd nothing. The gearbox was dead. I thought I had lost the tailshaft, all i got was just neutral. Tried 4th and got some drive, by this stage I had lost so many positions I could not tell you where I was. So that was it. I had 4th & 5th gear only. I just had to do what I could with what i had left so I picked off a few, and got back to 9th….. bit if a struggle but still good fun.

I am sure Justin will be back after sorting out his gearbox problems to run again in the Improved Production Series. Hit the jump to see the limited pics, partly due to Matt Mead locking the keys in his car and my forgetting to bring a camera!


Melbourne HR Swap Meet – Wrap Up


Last month, after much delay, Melbourne finally had its first HR swap meet. The day started off a bit slow with only a few cars turning up but as the afternoon progressed the car park was packed full of AE86s, AE71s and KE70s.  Although there weren’t many who brought truckloads of parts to sell, it was good chance to catch up with old friends as well as some new people. Would like to thank everyone that came down and hope to see you at the next HR meet!

More pics after the jump!