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Honda Love

Honda Steering Wheel in a Hachi?

Yes, you did see that correctly: a Honda steering wheel inside a hachi! :) RA64 Freddy spotted this US Corolla GT-S on a meet in a local car park called Tropical Park. It turned out to be a 90% Honda/Acura meet but he thought he stroke gold when he spotted a hachi among them!

This Hachi was one of two ’Yotas at the meet..ehhh..but it had a Honda soul…I was looking for 4AG with ITB’s..

When he looked inside he saw that even the steering wheel had been swapped…

But is it that bad? No, I think not. The hachi is now powered by a F20c so its heart is already a Honda anyway so go with the flow!

Read more about the Tropic Park meet here.

Jono Bennett’s F20C Weapon

The stance on this Levin is just pure sex, and the decals are some of the freshest and most unique I’ve seen on a racecar in a long time! No less that it’s powered by two liters of VTECs!

Simply The Best. Better Then All The Rest.

Could this be the best Hachi Roku to ever be built outside of Japan? Or could this even be the best the world has ever seen?

This car hails from the never sunny UK, where a crazy English man known as Ian G has spent over 3 years & thousands of Pounds to create his ideal F20C-powered Hachi Roku. (more…)

F20C Conversions: The New Black?

If you’re ontop of whats happenning in drifting worldwide, you would be aware of the current trend of putting the Honda S2000’s F20C engine into the AE86. One reason you could summise why the swap is so popular is to try and reduce the inherent lack of power output most professional AE86 drifters suffer from.  At least 5 major AE86 drifters from the USA have chosen the Honda route and successfully pulled it off with the European guys more recently jumping onto the bandwagon with conversions of their own.

Now here @ HR Blog we love all things AE86, however some of us are purists whilst others embrace the idea of the engine transplant. We want to know what you think about engine transplants (or any other complete component transplants for that matter) and what your dream AE86 configuration would entail. Original, Hi-tech or a straight out mongrel – get commenting and let us hear your ideas!

New AE86 F20C Parts Out!

JSP Fabrication have caught the F20C AE86 bug and have apparently made up the first and only bolt in engine conversion mount set for installing the Honda S2000 engine into the ’86. The kit sits the engine and gearbox into the car with no need to cut the firewall or modify the hood to clear – a massive benefit for those without a welder!

The result is an F20C which sits very low in the engine bay lowering the overall centre of gravity of the car and keeping the very agile feel of the original AE86 configuration.  An added bonus is the factory 4A-GE and S2000 rubber engine mounts keeping the engine vibration to a bare minimum. They also offer a 4A-GE turbo manifold and various other model bits and pieces too.

Check ’em out here.

350hp Turbo F22C Formula D AE86

First there was high powered NA 4A-GEs, then turbo were thrown in the mix for when you began to feel you needed that little bit more. But when the 4A-G no longer cuts it, people go in search off other manufactures to power the heart and soul of their own little hachi roku. Some decide a dirty Nissan engine would be perfect, but the new craze is the “VTEC yo!” F20/22C powerplant from the Honda S2000. Combining a 800kg ’86 with a 250hp powerplant that revs to 9000rpm and you have a reciepe for something really amazing.

However, this was not the case for John Russakoff, Formula D competitor and owner of JSP, who after competing in a Standard F22C found that it just didn’t cut the mustard. This saw him implement some changes to boost (pun intended) the output up to 350hp by bolting a Garrett GT28RS turbo. However this was no simple “bolt on” procedure. For the details I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Wrecked Magazine: Eric O’Sullivan’s F20C ’86 Feature

An online Blog / Magazine known as Wrecked Magazine has done a very interesting feature on well known Irish drifter, Eric O’Sullivan and his Honda F20C powered AE86. The magazine also features some other unique information about drifting from around the world too so check it out over at Wrecked Here.

Source: Wrecked Magazine