Jono Bennett’s F20C Weapon

The stance on this Levin is just pure sex, and the decals are some of the freshest and most unique I’ve seen on a racecar in a long time! No less that it’s powered by two liters of VTECs!

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4 Responses to Jono Bennett’s F20C Weapon

  1. youngy says:

    VTEC yo…………..

    someone had to say it!

  2. psyklone says:

    17″ wheels? they look sweet.

  3. Akuma29 says:

    SUGOI! ummm whats up with the angle of his front tires….. that car looks fun to drive cuz its baisicly spinning rear wheels and over toed out how deep do u have to make the wells in that to keep them from rubbing?

  4. Nick Teeboon says:

    He’s a good guy. Has had some bad luck with the car of late.
    Seems to keep hitting things. But he’s a trooper and gets it all ready for any events that are planned.

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