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Video: Hasselgren AE86 Time Attack

Ken Gushi VS Keiichi Tsuchiya…who is the better driver? Would this car beat N2 cars in japan?? I don’t think so…but let us know your thoughts in the comments..

AE86’s in YZ Circuit

When it opened in 1997, YZ Circuit was originally intened to be a dedicated motorcycle track, but in recent times the majority of traffic rolls into the track on four wheels. An almost even 50/50 split of grip and drift events ensures that there is always some sweet action on the track and due to the dangerous and exciting nature of the circuit, official competitions and events are often held there much to the delight of motorsport fans.

These pics (courtesy of 7TUNE) are from a recent event held by Tetsuya Hibino from Sunrise Garage. It was mostly a drift practice session but the afternoon had a friendly team drift competition where groups of three cars per team would be competing against each other.

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VIDEO: 471hp Twin-charged 4A-GE

A turbo + a supercharger + the always awesome 4A-GE = Madness! This AE86 smashes out 471hp (thats 351kW for you new schoolers) and 508nm of torque at redline – now that’s no mean feat for a 1.6 Liter!

If you want to know more about twincharging a 4A-GE visit this site.

Hit the jump for an extra video showing various stages of the build up.


What Not to do to Your AE86….

We are ok with the idea of transplanting Nissan parts into AE86’s but this is taking it a little too far…

The only saving grace is that its reversible… poor little AE86…

Yukari Bokujyo in Okinawa, Japan

Just a quicky on this long-weekend holiday, here are a few pics in Okinawa from the Team Hinga boys at a little drive day they had yesterday. A little insight into their little island’s AE86 culture. Cheers to Chris from Team Hinga for the pics.

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Prodrift European & IRL Series Photos

Some shots from last week’s Prodrift European and IRL events at Mondello Park courtesy of series photographer Paddy McGrath.

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VIDEO: AE86 Team Drifto

Through our random searching on Youtube during lunch break, we happened to come across this very special video:

Can you name all the drivers in the video? a head start: Ken Maeda is driving the yellow Trueno. Comment with all 5 correct answers and get a free HR sticker!

Source: Youtube

AE86: An In-Depth Look at A Legend

Ever wonder what the origins of the AE86 were? or what the hell those model names mean? or even still what the differences were between all those models, body styles or trim specs? Well pull up a chair, slap on your readin’ glasses and get yourself a nice strong coffee, you’re about to be schooled in a little history – AE86 Style.


Wrecked Magazine: Eric O’Sullivan’s F20C ’86 Feature

An online Blog / Magazine known as Wrecked Magazine has done a very interesting feature on well known Irish drifter, Eric O’Sullivan and his Honda F20C powered AE86. The magazine also features some other unique information about drifting from around the world too so check it out over at Wrecked Here.

Source: Wrecked Magazine

When You Are Toshiki Yoshioka, It’s This Easy!

For the average Joe, a motor transplant usually turns into a six month rebuild sucking endless wads of cash from your wallet in the process. However, if you are Toshiki Yoshioka, Japanese AE86 drifter extraordinare, you just make one simple phone call and few days later you have brand new top spec 4A-GE sitting in front of you – fresh from Japan no less.

Courtesy of auto-lifestyle blog OG-Made, we bring you some sweet pics of Yoshioka’s new US drift machine (he is currently drifting a Lexus SC430 in D1GP Japan) in the build. He will be using this new iteration of his old blue DRoo-P Trueno to slide in both US D1GP events and also in Formula D for 2008.

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