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One Cool Motherf*cker


When I see a purple drift-spec AE86 I think of only one thing: T-50 Japan. Tomonori Akai (pictured being cool as f*ck) is the proud owner of this hachi…go!

Yep that’s right this ones originally an AE85, but it has come quite a long way since it rolled off the line with a measly 3A-U in it!  Now rockin’ a 190bhp 10,00rpm 4A screamer, Tomonori takes it to MSC drift events all over the land of the rising sun and smashes his opponents to bits.

For the rest of the pics (and the specs of this nutter) hit up (cheers Alexi!)



Apparently it’s a Daihatsu of some kind…. But seriously, the money spent on doing this could probably have bought an AE86 anyway! Crazy!

Finland + Rally + AE86 = Mental

Cheers to now local Irish lad Eircamae86 for the heads up on this one. Ouch…..

Clean Cali-Style Levin


Considering the US only ever got Trueno body styled AE86’s, seeing a Levin in America is a pretty special thing. This super fresh example is owned by Club4AG member shannon who has spent the last 2 years bolt-by-bolt restoring this USDM coupe to its current glory.


HR Tips & Tricks!


Need to clean up all that engine oil you just dumped on the driveway because there was a REALLY big spider on your sump plug? Or want to stop you windows fogging up when you’re up to no good?? Read further to find out how!

Impulse AE86 Evolution


Built by relatively new-school AE86 tuners Impulse, this Trueno is so damn clean you might mistake it for a Carland rebuild straight from the pages of Levin & Trueno Magazine.


Greatest Driving Roads: Nürburgring Nordschleife


The Ring. The Green Hell. Nordschleife. Nürburgring. 28 kilometres of twisting turning, off camber, death dealing mayhem. It is the most famous racing track in the world by far mostly due to it use by almost every vehicle manufacturer in the world to test their new high-performance models. Prestigious companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, and Toyota all test here year round: Wet, dry, hail or shine, all trying to be the best and fastest production car. But that’s not all the ring is for…


End Of The Road For Another ’86 Driver


When Garth asked me what I was writing about this week I was somewhat stumped. With my head being currently focused on only one thing at the moment – finishing my drift project – it was proving difficult to give him an answer.

Then I was chatting to a fellow sideways pilot Brad and discovered that he was moving on and selling his AE86 to pursue another route in life. At that point I thought of two things 1. SHIT Brad you are crazy! 2. SHIT! I should do a article on his car before it changes hands!


Fat Wheels, Fly Fishing, FCR’s & Fanta


It may sound strange, but it all works together so well. You’ll have to hit up noriyaro for the rest of the photos to see what I mean….

So Slammed It Hurts


If only things could work this way in real life! Can you believe it’s been ‘photoshopped? The original image is far from the epicness of the fake but we still love it all the same!

Fullsize image courtesy of Ophideus at DA