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Hibino Loves HR


Yep, that’s right! Japan’s master of the Ebisu Jumping Drift, Tetsuya Hibino, is a huge fan of HR.  All thanks to Alexi from noriyaro, HR stickers will soon be popping up on lots of Japan’s most infamous hachirokus! HR Represent!

VIDEO: Eric O’Sullivan Interview

Motors TV reports on the 2007 Irish Prodrift champion: Eric O’Sullivan.  It’s an interesting insight into the Euro scene from someone immersed so deeply into it.

Tec-Art’s 4-Pot Brake Kit


After seeing Beauman had purchased the Willwood brake kit for his drift AE86 build, I started thinking – Just what kind of bolt-on alternatives are out there? Well it just so happens after some random ‘net browsing I see that the guys over at Tec-Art’s have recently developed their own.


Hazards Of A Drift Missile


Alexi from noriyaro is up to no good again, this time with his drift missile coverage.

This flat-black Levin used to belong to Satoshi “Wampaku” Nakatani from Garage LFW. That was until the engine blew and Shino from Shino Kouba garage bought it cheap and stuck a standard 4A-GE in it to have some fun with. Unfortunately though, when you’re driving a car you don’t really care about crashing, you sometimes do.

Carnage after the Jump!


Greatest Driving Roads: Champs-Élysées


The Avenue Des Champs-Élysées is with out a doubt the most famous and infamous stretch of road in France and possible Europe. The avenue is home to luxury and high fashion stores know the world over, akin to Rodeo Drive in the USA. The avenue runs for two kilometres (1.25 miles) through the 8th Arrondissement in north western Paris, from the Place de la Concorde in the east with its obelisk, to the Place Charles de Gaulle in the west; the location of the Arc de Triomphe. The Champs-Élysées forms part of the Axe Historique, one of the principal tourist destinations in Paris.


Shop Review: Westside Exhausts


Some of you may or may not know, but for the last 4 months I have been completely rebuilding my Trueno into a huge money pit…. I mean into a 4A-GTE equipped drift weapon. Since it is finally at the stage where the exhaust and intercooler piping needed to be made, I could have just done it myself like I have done in the past, but I thought this time if I was going to all the extra effort in other areas on the car, then this could not be half arsed!


Interview: ’86 Drifter Sam Holz

A member of the original HR crew, Sam is one of Queensland’s finest sideways pilots: A laid back, smart arse of a character who is always up for some ’86 thrash action. In 2008 Sam has continually found himself at the top of drift competitions all across Australia, all the while leaving out the egotistical bullsh*t we all too often see in the world of drifting. (more…)

AE86 Tuning Guide: Dial Z For Supercharged!

The guide returns for part three in our continuation of all things modified on your AE86. In the next few installments we are going to be looking at boosting your AE86, starting with the most commonly boosted engine: the 4A-GZE!


Rescue Of Epic Proportions

I’m not sure about all of you out there, but when I found the rust in my sprinter shell spiralling out of control, I didn’t think of ways to fix it, I just started looking for mint condition chassis’ for sale to avoid the hassle.

Some of you may be confused as to why I’ve chosen this picture as the thumbnail for this story, but anyone who knows just how difficult this kind of metal work is will certainly be in awe.

Maybe it’s the old Japanese way of struggling constantly to overcome adversity but this is just mental. The amount of damage and rust on this shell would be ‘give up now’ material to anyone else, but somehow through some very bespoke methods and superior workmanship, this little AE86 lives again!

Check out the build gallery here.

Yoshioka’s 300RWHP D1GP AE86 Warm Up

…and we are BACK! I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe holiday, 2008 was a great year for HR Blog and we hope to bring you even more in 2009! Stay tuned this week as we have some exclusive content direct from Japan plus possibly the third instalment of our AE86 Tuning Guide! But for now, enjoy this clip from YouTube, I thought it was fitting to our 2009 ‘Warm Up’ preparations!