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Have a Hachi New Year From Everyone At HR!

Hachi new year everyone from all of us here at HR! May all your projects be completed, your skids be sideways and roads be winding…

THE ANNUAL 2011: The Aftermath

Well boys and girls with the Annual for this year run and won, lets have a look at how it went down…

The ANNUAL 2011: TAS-Mania! 18 – 22 November

That’s right boys and girls! After much research (and arm twisting) we are going to Tasmania for the HR AE/KE Annual!

Previously we have been to Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and last year Adelaide, and each time the Toyota fanatics  have put on a good show for the outsiders and taken us all to some of Australia’s best driving roads.

So now, we are heading to possibly Australia’s best driving state to see what the Apple Isle has for us!


THE ANNUAL R-adelaide this weekend!!

It is that time again the ANNUAL has come around once more and we are heading to the winding hills of Adelaide for the first time ever!

Our last interstate effort was probably the best so far, but im wanting all Adelaidians to dust off their drift pipes, slap on the widest set of wheels you’ve got, stretch tyres to the max and surpass the QLD effort so it remains in Australian AE86 and KE/AE70 histrory for ever more!


HR AE86 Annual 2010: (R)Adelaide Here We Come!

Yes that’s right boys and girls! We are bringing the HR AE86 Annual to South Australia on the 23rd and 24th of October this year! Like last year, we are inviting all RWD Corolla owners to come along with the regular AE86 crew for an awesome weekend!

After the  2009 Annual (the year of the conspiracy) where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, we decided that its about time we pay a visit to Adelaide. In the past and even despite last year’s shmozzle, we had dedicated AE86ers come all the way from Adelaide!

The reason why we are coming south is simple. We’ve never been there! We have been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, but never to the city of ‘The Hills’!


TOYMODS DYNO DAY: Sunday 21st Feb

Ever wondered what power your car makes? Ever wondered who you could talk to you possibly gain a couple of extra horses in the paddock? Want to check out some hot Toyota metal? This will be the place to do it!


The Second Big Leap…


After the first big step comes the second big leap. Big leap? Yep, a massive leap of faith in trying to find the right engine tuner and having faith in trusting they will do the right thing by you and your car.

Finding the right tuner for you and your ECU of choice is like treading a mine field while being blind folded and people bombarding you with directions. There are some great tuners and workshops out there and some not so good ones.


That First Big Step..


What is that first big step im talking about? Is it just getting a 4A-GE engine in your car? Is it your first track day? No this is that one big step that not everybody embarks on and only very few can really say they got it right.

It’s the engine rebuild.


HR AE86 Annual 2009: The Conspiracy…


The HR AE86 Annual for 2009 has come and gone… Even though everything was against us and many things tried to stop us!


AE86 Annual Time – Only 3 Weeks To Go!


Don’t forget! The HR AE86 Annual is only 3 weeks away on the 24th and 25th of October in Sydney!!

If you have been to the last few, you know what goes on! If you haven’t been before, now’s the chance to find out what all the fun is about!

We are having a track day at Marulan on the Saturday with both grip and drift sessions available, so what ever your action – being slideways, finding the fastest way through a corner or both – come on down! At only $120 dollars for the day, its the cheapest action your going to get without visiting Kings Cross!

There will be BBQ lunch on hand and drinks available, and spectactors will be free. So if you’re not driving, bring your camera and shoot all the action you can!  Sunday will be the usual BBQ lunch, talk shop and hard parking. After that its the secret touge route and then to the pub! Anything in between that can and does happen (and I do mean anything) and will be up to you to decide!

To register for the track day, visit our forums here. HOPE WE SEE YOU THERE!!