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Thanks to Dino at SPEEDHUNTERS and Zack and Chad from JyuRoku, there was a HEAP of fantastic coverage of this years HACHiRoCK! Festa (Festival) at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest.

Speedhunters gave us a great story from lenseman Dino Dalle Carbonare and his journey to hachirock, as well as his highlights and a wheel gallery of a selection of AE86s attending the gathering.

JyuRoku went even further with their event highlights, but also with in depth galleries of the AE86 cockpits and engine bays separately AND this awesome video:

After experiencing the greatness of Fuji 86 Style in August, HACHiRoCK and the Okayama AE86 Festival are two events I would love to witness in person! Maybe 2013 eh? Have you ever been on a Japanese AE86 pilgrimage? Show us your photos in the comments!

[HACHiRoCK Official Page]

Okayama Drama: 2012 AE86 Festival: Part 2

What’s a motor racing event without a little controversy right? Check out why over at 7Tune!

[via 7Tune]

2012 AE86 Festival in Okayama: Part 1

Adam from 7Tune ventured all the way to this years AE86 Festival in Okayama.  Lots of AE86 and this year some new 86s too! Check out his fantastic coverage over at the 7Tune website.

[via 7Tune]

VIDEO: Fuji 86 Style

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able join Alexi from Noriyaro as we ventured out to Fuji Speedway for the Fuji 86 Style event. At the end of the day there was a mass drivers parade of all AE86 and ZN6 86s on the main circuit! About 150 Toyota 86s and AE86s rolled into the pitlane to do a parade run of Fuji Speedway, led by Keiichi Tsuchiya!

As Alexi said over on his blog

This was an amazing event for any AE86 or 86 fan to visit. If you’d like to visit it, plan a trip to Japan around the 6th of August next year! I heard from the Managing Director of Fuji Speedway himself that there’s going to be more of these.

I can’t recommend it enough!

HR @ Fuji 86 Style 2012!

Excited to announce HR will be attending the “Fuji 86 Style” event on August 5th and private 8/6 drift event the following day!

We will be bringing you updates through the day as well as a full report Sunday night so stay tuned to the facebook feed and the blog!

Check it out! – https://www.fsw.tv/freepage/620/

Tsukuba AE86 Racin’


Of all the tracks in all the world, what other circuit name can get you as excited as Tsukuba?  The Green Hell comes close but Tsukuba is where all the action goes down in our awesome world of hachiroku!

Alexi over at noriyaro has once again provided us disciples of the church of AE86 with a juicy sermon.

A while back when I took the Skyline to go drifting at Tsukuba Circuit, there was a series of AE86-only one-make races being held by Option2 magazine and Ken Sato’s Mercury workshop on the same day. The drifting sessions were filling the dead time between races, which was the main event of the morning.

Naturally, there were a whole bunch of very quick hachirokus there competing in the roughly ten-minute races, running the gamut from expertly tuned and prepared to completely boro and awesome.

The fastest car was Tsutomu Suzuki, driving his #18 Cashiew Trueno (pictured), with a best lap time of 1’02.885. Hibino competed in the race in his SR20 turbo D1 Levin, and came fifth overall.

Jump over there now and check out the sh*t-ton of pics… I just love the one without the rear windscreen… BORO!

Spot-T Night Meet

It being the last few weeks of summer in Japan, the ’86 enthusiasts in the land of the rising sun make good use of the warmer nights to gather in roadside parking areas and talk up all things hachi roku.  Only a few weeks earlier, the same crew attended the HACHiRoCK!! FeSTA 2008, but being the die-hard AE86 fans they are, were itching for another meet up before the frozen months set in, trapping them inside their houses for 3 months of AE86-less confinement.

Check the website for the rest of the photos. It never ceases to amaze me simply how many AE86 enthsiasts there are in Japan, and again how many of them are feverishly active within the Japanese scene.

HOTSTAFF: One Make Racing!

In Japan HOTSTAFF is a name synonymous with hard-tuned circuit-spec 4A-GE’s. Aptly self-exclaimed as a ‘Race Engine Manufacture Company’, HOTSTAFF is located in the north of Japan on the island of Hokkaido far from the neon lights and allure of busy Tokyo. It might be this seclusion from the majority of AE86 garages in southern Japan that makes HOTSTAFF and their customers so unique.

Being so far from the mainstream AE86 scene, the Hokkaido AE86 drivers compete in what they refer to as their ‘One Make Race’. Held a few times a year at Hokkaido Speed Park or HSP since 2005, the ‘One Make Race’ is a small but friendly competition between AE86 drivers to hone their skills and have some fun.

It hasn’t happened since 2006 but we’re hoping the drivers from Hokkaido are planning a comeback!

Check out the pics from the ’06 event after the jump.


Carland Meet in Kyoto

After our mini featurette on Japanese workshop Carland, most of you should be familiar with the Kyoto based company and its AE86 expertise. Now, Carland have just started to organise meets and events for their customers and other Kyoto based ’86 drivers. Their first meet last month in Kyoto was a meet up at the Arashi Mountain Takao Parkway Parking Area for a group photoshoot for the upcoming Toyota Levin & Trueno Magazine Issue 21.

Pics after the jump.


Under the Watchful Gaze of Mt Fuji, They Gathered in Their 100’s…

We’ve got some great photos today from a short ‘touring meet’ in Hakone, Japan on April 27th. Not much else is known about the meet up yet but judging from the photos it was a huge success! White is ever popular as you can see …

Photos after the jump.