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A Tribute To The Past: Team Tekno

The Levin trackcar you see here is the result of two hachiroku-mad Irishmen who couldn’t bear the downtime of their own projects keeping them off the track.

An all-out tribute to the early days of Japanese drifting, this green and silver, battle-scarred Corolla owned by Team Tekno members Killian O’Brien and Kevin Reilly is a way for them to push to ten tenths without the fear of wrecking their other beautiful AE86s.

Check the full feature out at Driftworks

Speed? Hunted.

In the middle of the Norwegian summer, Gatebil at Rudskogen sees more than 45000 car enthusiasts from all over Scandinavia, England and even Japan making their way across te world to make this event one of the biggest car festivals in Europe!

Rudskogen is located about 1.5 hours  drive south east of Oslo, close to the Swedish border, but that didn’t stop New Zealand’s MadMike Whiddett and Ireland’s Darren McNamara from joining their Norwegian squadmate Fredric Aasbo for the first group smackdown of the Speedhunters super-top-secret drift team.

Hit up the Speedhunters post HERE to see a close up profile of each of the cars and some of the trademark antics of the down-to-earth crew.

AE86IRL Does Mondello

Check out the pics Here!

Ireland Annual Meet ’09


Over 80 (was it 86 exactly?) AE86’s and retro Toyotas were in attendance at the Irish Annual meet held in Kilkenny, Ireland on the 19th of September.  The crew (mostly hailing from AE86IRL.com) came from far and wide across the emerald isle to attend the meet, which included drifting and diffin’ at a local boot sale yard.  I dream of the day where we can see 80 AE86’s all in unison at one event here in Australia! Nice work lads and lasses!

Check out the photos from the event here and here.

Photo: Sean Mullery

86 @ MCNSPORT Now Live!


Darren over at MCNSPORT dropped me a line recently letting me know their AE86 parts section on their new website is up and running, stocked full of all the parts and upgrades you can think of. Based in County Cork in Ireland, Darren and his buisness partner Peter are more than qualified to help with any questions or enquiries you might have with upgfrading your AE86, as all of the work on their own cars is done in house (as you can see here!)

Go and have a browse through their selection now at MCNSPORT, you just might find something you like?

That Unmistakable Style


If it’s one thing those paddys can do, it’s throw a car meet. Hit the link to see some wicked hachirokus and some rare as hell Toyota steel from a recent car show in Ireland.

HR Forums.


The Irish up to their usual tricks again…. It never gets old though, no matter how many times you see it!

86 Trackday @ Mondello Park, Ireland


The Ireland AE86 Owners Club organised a track day at their local circuit Mondello Park last weekend with an eclectic mix of makes and models showing up, not just the hachirokus! Several ProDrift drivers were in attendance as was Darren McNamara of MCNSPORT fame in his newly rebuilt Trueno hatch. Speaking to Darren last week, he mentioned the sheer brilliance of the N2 spec 4A-GE it is currently powered by, so expect a feature on it very soon!

Hit the jump for more info and lots of photos from Irish legend lenseman (say that three times fast…) Paddy McGrath.


Rockstar AE86 Wallpaper


Seeing as it’s Toyota month at SPEEDHUNTERS, they have been killin’ it with AE86 content and today is no different.

Paddy McGrath offered to send over this desktop image as his contribution to Toyota Month. Thanks Paddy! Last time I saw Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86, it was being unpeeled from a concrete wall at the Red Bull Drifting World Championship…. The damage looked terminal to my eye,  but hopefully the car has been repaired this winter.

Jump over there and check that sh*t out!

VIDEO: Eric O’Sullivan Interview

Motors TV reports on the 2007 Irish Prodrift champion: Eric O’Sullivan.  It’s an interesting insight into the Euro scene from someone immersed so deeply into it.