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Be Safe

Just remember, always carry a fire extinguisher in the cabin! A sad day for the owner of this beauty!

Fine Details of the Frozen North

Canada can certainly turn out the super-slick clean street-driven AE86 when it wants to. Take this Trueno from Speed Syndicate in Burnaby, BC as an example of Canadian handiwork.

The lads at FourPlusOne met up one chilly night and shot this quick video highlighitng the hachiroku’s fine details.

What the F**K?

Sometimes advertising agencies get it right, sometimes they just sail right over the edge of the world and drop off into oblivion… this is one of those times.  One thing I have to mention: That’s a pretty sexy freaking factory AE86!

Build Thread? Hibino’s 2012 D1 86

Droo-P + AVO Japan (and Australia) + Toyota = One crazy drift machine. With a custom EJ25 turbo motor going in to replace the 4U-GSE / FA20 standard boxer the 86 comes with, Hibino will be more than ready to go head to head with Taniguchi in the HKS offering next month in Odaiba!

Dino from SPEEDHUNTERS was lucky enough to be invited to snap some pics of the build of Hibino’s rig, so check out part one and part two now!

What’s Faster: Drift or Grip

The Run Free Levin 2-door piloted by Yamashita gives us a general idea, all while looking cool as hell!

Living The 86 Life, All Year Round

We spotted this hardcore display of 86 Life at Tsugaike Kogen Snow Resort in Nagano. After a intensely blizzardy full day in the carpark while it’s owner was on the slopes with the snowboard, the little hachiroku fired up first go and warmed it’s engine and cabin up while it’s owner packed up the gear and snowboard into the back.

Whilst only lightly modified (and with ice tyres equipped!) this little Kouki Levin 2-door was certainly exciting to see in such a extreme setting!

Dedication to the 86 Life! Let’s hope he’s checking for rust pretty regularly!

Exclusive: Australian 2012 86 Details Revealed!

Whilst in Japan in February, we made a trip to the Toyota factory in Nagoya (yep, that’s my ugly mug in the picture above) and were lucky enough to get a good hands-on look at a Japanese-market Toyota 86 on display.  Displayed in the ever popular orange metallic, it really seems a lot smaller in person: a real lithe looking lightweight sports machine.

It’s just as externally gorgeous with the interior even nicer than it looks in pictures. It really needs to be experienced in person to really get the true feeling.  The seating position is just like sitting in an AE86 – everything at the exact place you would expect it to be and super comfortable and low at that. Tall people need not worry, its got plenty of headroom, just watch yourselves in the rear seat – at 175cm, I was bumping the rear glass just sitting stationary!  Needless to say, after just sitting in the car, we we’re even more excited for the Aussie version of Toyota’s 2012 sportscar renaissance to be unveiled.

As it happens tonight, we managed to get an exclusive peek at the internal Toyota Australia sales brief document for their local release of the 2012 86 and it’s got some juicy info inside! Lets take a look:


Dorikin AE86 Street 2012 Version

Hot Version DVD Volume 114 will feature Tsuchiya’s rebuilt 1.8L 7A-GE 20v AE86. From the sound of the video below, it’s one angry little powerplant!

Just look how happy he is!