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RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF Levin Wallpaper

Courtesy of the RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) facebook page.

Desktop Domination


Some of you may already have seen a couple of rad pictures featuring an orange hachi from Luxembourg, but for those in need of more pixels best hit the jump!


When Time Stands Still


Two new wallpapers over in the downloads section for your enjoyment. This time HR member Genkin shows off his JDM Levin coupe in what could have been, if time stood still.

Tec-Art’s Wallpaper


Over @ Noriyaro. Get it now!

7TUNE Wallpapers


Those guys over at 7TUNE have a few AE86 wallpapers available in a bunch of various monitor resolutions, amongst other JDM inspired shots not related to AE86 too. Check em out!

New Wallpapers Up!


It’s been way too long since our last set of wallpapers but today we return with Goto-san’s missle hachiroku’s engine bay in all its rippled and rusty glory and Kazuya from Himawari Racing in his hot pink kouki Trueno coupe in the pits and in action on the track. All pictures courtesy of Alexi at Noriyaro, of course.

Get ’em on the downloads page now!

HotVersion N2 Wallpaper


Just a quick one today. I saw this wallpaper of the TRD N2 racer over at BestMotoring website and thought to myself “Hey, I’m sure those ’86 mania friends of mine would like this!” and so here we are. Enjoy!


One Shot: Night Of Fire

Last Saturday night on a touge road “a couple of hours out of Tokyo”….
Check out the wallpaper in the downloads section.

Photo Copyright: noriyaro.com