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Okayama Drama: 2012 AE86 Festival: Part 2

What’s a motor racing event without a little controversy right? Check out why over at 7Tune!

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2012 AE86 Festival in Okayama: Part 1

Adam from 7Tune ventured all the way to this years AE86 Festival in Okayama.  Lots of AE86 and this year some new 86s too! Check out his fantastic coverage over at the 7Tune website.

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Okayama AE86 Festival 2010

The 2010 AE86 festival in Okayama has just past and unfortunately (for me) I can no longer say I am the only HR member to go to this awesome event, as fellow HR members Steve and Derek have now visited Hachi Roku Mecca!

Hit the jump for all the photos from the event!

UPDATE: Video of the event added!


Okayama AE86 Festival 2009 videos

Okyama AE86 festival 2009 videos
The pictures of the Okayama AE86 Festival 2009 were posted last week by Garth. Slowly more pictures and videos are surfacing. :)

My personal favorite video of the festival is a game of leapmanji-frog played by four hachis on the straight of the circuit! Check em all out after the jump!


Okayama AE86 Festival 2009


Just when I thought the ’09 event had dropped off the face of the earth, Justin @ 7TUNE saves the day with their late (but still very much appeciated) coverage of the AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit. I’ve spent the last week scouring mixi, minkara and a selection of Japanese ’86 blogs from Hiroshima and not a single decent (ie non camer-phone pic) from the event has been uploaded. Lucky for us, we have 7TUNE in Japan doing the ’86 community worldwide a favor by getting these up. Maybe 2010 will be the year I finally get to this hallowed gathering?

I must say the event, which in 2009 celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, is getting even more polished and professional the older it gets. Just the sheer quality of the cars presented to race is simply phenomenal, not to mention the minters in the carpark!

I must say, that BANKING Levin in bronze had to be my favorite of the day. Simple and unique! Check out the huge gallery over at the 7TUNE site. … and once youre done there, i suggest reminicing with our 2008 coverage of the event here!

Okayama AE86 Festival 2008

After pouring over the photos from last years coverage on the web, I knew then that I simply had to attend this years event. So after saving up all my cash and asking countless people to finally find someone who would come with me on the trip to Japan, I was truly on my way to attend the AE86 Festival in Okayama Circuit and man… WHAT an experience!

Hit the jump for the full story and over 200 photos from the event!


Impulse N2 @ Okayama ’08

Harley is currently in Japan resting after spending the day at Okayama last weekend, (no, he didn’t explode from AE86 overload but I’m sure he was DAAAMN close…) So whilst we wait for our full report on the 2008 AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit, we give you this in-car footage of the Impulse Car Service N2 racer smashing the OIC in 1’42.6. Simply pure audio heaven, not to mention some superb steering work!

So stay tuned as we will be bringing you first hand coverage from the event next week!

For our Japanese Contingency: インパルスAE86-N2マシン岡山国際サーキット車載ビデ.

2008 AE86 Festival Coming Up!

Not long now until the mecca of AE86 gatherings is upon us again! August 31st will see the insanity of the AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit return with the official AE86 N2 race, show and shine, swap meet and even an area to buy new parts right there at the show!

If you’re unfamiliar with the AE86 Festival which has been happening for over 10 years now, check out 7TUNE’s write up of last years event – you never knew such a heaven ever existed until now.

A perfect way to end the Japanese summer, so if you’re in Japan make the long trek out to OIC, it’s definitely worth it!