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AE86 Owners are Crazy!

Proof! Thanks to Casey at shirtstuckedin Check it out for more AE86 goodness!

FT-86 ver.3: Scion FR-S

The name should say it all, FR-S. Scion says it stands for ‘Front engined, rear wheel drive sport’ and they aren’t kidding. Equipped with a six speed ‘sports-manual’ transmission (with optional paddle shift controls on the steering wheel for you F1 enthusiasts on a six speed auto) and a limited slip diff, the FR-S  really holds up to its name.

Based on the past history of manufacturers putting ‘sports’ monikers on otherwise standard cars with only a small up in power and some half-assed attempt at aero,  the new FT-86 concept variant from Scion really wants to show us it’s hachiroku heritage.


AE86 + BEAMS 3S-GE = Win

Not many videos on the YouTubes of an NA Altezza BEAMS powered AE86 on the circuit it seems! This rare find shows a racer hachiroku strapping the ass off lots of different makes and models around Okayama International Circuit.