AE86 + BEAMS 3S-GE = Win

Not many videos on the YouTubes of an NA Altezza BEAMS powered AE86 on the circuit it seems! This rare find shows a racer hachiroku strapping the ass off lots of different makes and models around Okayama International Circuit.

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4 Responses to AE86 + BEAMS 3S-GE = Win

  1. Isamublue says:

    Ok…. dumb question what does BEAMS stand for?

    • Garth says:

      @Isamublue Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System. In this case a ‘black top’ BEAMS 3S.

      The ‘black top’ BEAMS was created in 1998, and was the second version of the 4th generation of the 3S motor series. The ‘black top’ was released with dual VVT-i (variable timing on both the intake and exhaust cams).

      It came in two different spec levels dependant on what transmission it was coupled to. The version intended to be coupled with a six-speed manual came with titanium valves and a compression ratio of 11.5:1. It made 210 PS (154 kW) at 7,600 rpm and 22.0 kg·m (216 N·m) at 6,400 rpm.

      The 5 speed automatic transmission version had a slightly lower compression ratio of 11.1:1, less aggressive cam profile and steel alloy valves which made for 200 PS (147 kW) at 7,000 rpm and 22.0 kg·m (216 N·m) at a considerably lower 4,800 rpm. These engines powered only the Altezza RS200

  2. tunsafun321 says:

    i like how he just beats everyone. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

  3. Racetom says:

    Here i leave a link to see the best ae86 with beams swap in the whole world , more than 2000 hours of work and around 100.000 grands spent !! Amazing work from this people from south america .

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