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Idlers Games AE86 Race Final

We are riding along with HR favorite Tsutomu Suzuki again driving his Cashiew Trueno #121 in the Idlers Games AE86 One Make Race at Tsukuba.

Hibino Takes Podium @ D1GP Okayama…


…on the top step alongside Daigo Saito for equal first place?! It was an interesting final for Saturday’s D1GP 2009 Round 3 event at Okayama International Circuit with both drivers punishing their cars in their battle for victory, destroying them in the process.


Long White Cloud (Of Tyre Smoke)


Keisuke from 86Fighters blog may be back in New Zealand but that hasn’t stopped his incurable hachiroku mania.  He’s been busy getting the skids on at a local grassroots drift day.

In New Zealand, there are a group called S-Club who organize the Joe Manji Events for like minded people who like to Manji!  I went with 3 hours sleep, no food or water and forgot my helmet. I wasn’t the most prepared to say the least, but had a very good time none the less! From missiles to “D1-Spec”, there were a variety of cars and talent in attendance – but thats the best part of it!

Head over to his blog and check out the galleries of the day. Gallery 1 & Gallery 2.

Adventures at International Drift Series


It’s been a while but I wanted to finally share some of my past adventures at the International Drift Series (IDS) over the past 2 months here in Europe. So far there have been three runs of the pro class and I will give you a short rundown on whats been going on!


AE86 Tuning Guide: Ultimate Stopping Power!


So you’ve decided which engine combo you want and have more power than you know what to do with.. but how do you slow down from 0.5 past light speed or doing the Kessel run in 12 parsecs?

At the ’07 HR AE86 Annual at Oran Park whilst on the track it was brought to my attention something that was severely lacking on my car, and that was in the brake department. Screaming down the Oran Park straight and trying to stop at the end with stock ADM solid rotors and miniscule calipers is not something I want to do again.



The Irish up to their usual tricks again…. It never gets old though, no matter how many times you see it!

DEATH-PROOF: Goto-san’s AE86


Goto-san is somewhat an enigma in Fuji Speedway’s drifting fraternity. With his distinct body styling and 10/10th’s driving style it’s no wonder a car like this can be so well regarded whilst being so damn rough. Alexi from Noriyaro was recently at Fuji and managed to capture this unique hachiroku in all its gritty realism. He writes:

The only reason this car exists is for the sole purpose of practicing as much as possible, It shows. “The minimum amount of work for the maximum result” is the philosophy behind this car.

Check out Noriyaro for the rest.

“I Saw The Toyota 086A”


Mr Karow has again more new on the 086A, this time pretty solid info from a Toyota insider who he says has “been sitting on this information for quite some time”. Justin writes:

The insider claims he has seen the 086A and is adamant that only one body style will be offered and that body style will differ only very slightly between the Toyota and Subaru versions, such as the front grille, head/tail light treatment and badges.

This isn’t the whole story though, so head on over to 7TUNE to read the rest of the awesome news!

Brisbane All-Japan Day


Local Brisbane HR member and all round good guy Hao got down to the event last weekend to snap a few shots off (all before his camera running out of battery power…) and i must say it’s a pretty impressive turnout.  Catering to all kinds of Japanese cars, both young and old, the Brisbane All-Japan Day was a huge success! Good job on a fairly impressive turnout from the AE86 scene up in Brisbane. Represent!

Check out the photos here, or just the ’86 related ones after the jump!


Idlers Circuit Meet @ Tsukuba


Idlers meets at Tsukuba Circuit.  Mike from SPEEDHUNTERS says “is where you’ll find the very best in Japanese automotive culture”. After seeing images such as these, I don’t doubt a single minute that he’s wrong! Here are some quotes from the article:

There have been a few changes to the event format since the last time I’ve been to one of these. There’s now an all-AE86 trophy race that’s been added to the festivities. It was a bit like an N2 race except that the cars were slightly more street-oriented.

and this one I’m still laughing over…

Although Idlers is strictly a grip event, it’s nearly impossible to get a bunch of tuned AE86 drivers together without at least a bit of tail-out antics.

Haha! It looks like we AE86 drivers have a bit of a reputation huh? I like that! Even though the event was dominated by Porsches, more than just a few AE86s turned up to race (and apparently get a little sideways too!), so jump over to SPEEDHUNTERS blog here and here to get all the pics!