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Style & Presence

Hit the Downloads page for two awesome wallpapers of this RunFree-kitted menace piloted by Murakoshi Atsushi; A good friend of Hayashi Wataru from the BM Cup days when they used to kill the Twin-Dori Class in matching purple hachirokus.


Over & Over

Thank God for roll cages eh?

Hawaii’s Hottest Hachirokus

There’s something unique about the Hawaiian AE86 scene you just can’t put your finger on… Maybe it’s the blend of Japanese Aesthetic and US ‘tuner’ style that meshes together so nicely, or maybe just the absolute attention to detail these guys put into their rides that makes them all seem so showroom perfect.

Hit the jump for a selection of Hawaii’s greatest. Props to HR forum member EVADE for the compilation – 808 Represent!


HATCH vs COUPE! The complete AE86 spectrum.

A question that has plagued AE86 enthusiasts since the dawn of time. “Should I get the hatch or should I get the coupe?” Do they have different merits? Do they handle and drive differently or is it all just aesthetics and whilst on the topic of aesthetics… which one actually looks better?Well It’s high time I sat down and attacked this rather difficult question.I’ll do my best to answer it!

In case your questioning my merits to; the cars in the photo above are both mine. Though it almost seems rather trivial to argue with myself over what in actuality is just a choice of what type of boot you like I’ll take it a few steps further. Both these cars are/were at the complete opposite spectrum. What do I mean? Read on!


The Finer Details

There are lots of Hachis out there that look amazing, but personally I feel most of these lack the finer details (yes my own lacks it as well) that set a good Hachi apart from an amazing one.

In my day to day internet browsing I regularly check out a blog called OG-made that is run by the guys who manage Endless in the USA. They featured a car built by Andy Yen Ex-Forumla D driver and current judge. This car has been around for along time and from the pictures I have seen it has been through a lot. However, its one of the best Levin coupes in the USA at the moment.

The little features of this car make it so special to me, such as the Stack Dash, Watanabe spare wheel, the air vent headlight, the amazing cage and the fancy little Three Link suspension set-up. Little things like this make an ’86 stand out in my mind.

Check out some pictures after the jump:


Heads Up! Clear Cam Covers

A new offering! The original Japanese made clear covers from 5 or 6 years ago use to sell for $300+!!! This guy Zaklee Corp (in the Club4AG thread) claims he’ll be selling for a steal @ $80USD when the final production run gets the go-ahead… Check them over at the forums on Club4AG if you’re up for it!

Once You Go Black…. forum member ‘Kid’ recently swapped his 16 Valve out for the mother of all 4A-GEs: The AE111 ‘Blacktop’ 20 Valve! Now, I know the specs of the Blacktop and the Silvertop aren’t ALL that different, but goddamn it sounds awesome. Hit the jump for the youtube vid.. love the flyby @ 0:51 seconds! WOOOOO!


Don’t You Wish You Could Rescue This

Left to enjoy the elements – Winds Auto in Kumagaya, Saitama.

RB Drifting World Championship; Politics Over Substance?

I must admit my interest in the drift scene was re-ignited a few months back with the announcement of the Red Bull World Drifting Championship. A competition that would ‘bring together the worlds best drivers’ and bid them to do battle on a custom-made circuit so that no one would be at an advantage.

I keenly checked the website for news of which new drivers had accepted the invitation, and I was counting down the days when I learnt that two Aussies; 2008 Drift Australia champion Leighton Fine (An AE86 kid at heart) and Luke Fink (2008 runner-up) would be attending. NZ, Norway, Ireland the UK and a string of other countries were also represented. I take my hat off to the organisers in the this sense. They really went all out and tried to make the tournament live up to its title. But hold on…. it all looks to have gone a bit fishy according to some?


Fresh Blood

Some interesting styling changes from the guys @ J-Blood with their new line of bodykits released early this month.  First thing that really pops out is the radical new rear bumper design incorporating a wrap-under rear diffuser and their addition of a similar front diffuser/air intake to the newly-redesigned front bumper, which reaches all the way under the engine to the crossmember and sports a quirky air-vent.

Pictured with the blister over-fender kit, type-2 carbon hood and type-2 wing, the new additions to the kit certainly look unique, but personally I think it will look more in place on the D1GP circuit machines than on ’86s rockin’ the everyday streeter look – cars that the old J-Blood styles previously lended themselves to so well.

What do you think? Hit the jump for the gallery and let us know on the comments.