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On Any Given Sunday

Hangin’ out, talking shit & driving the best car ever made.. What could be better?

’86 Drifting Bikini Girls? Oh Yeah

Probably the coolest yet most bizarre thing I’ve seen this year, this spin off of the ‘DRIFT’ series of DVD’s is the story of 3 girls dubbed the ’86Angels’, one 86 and an all-girl drift battle to end all battles.

Titled DRIFT Special: Beauty Battle, you only know it’s going to be awesome. Here is a short highlight, but make sure to watch the entire story (with dubious subtitles) from the first video.

Robo’s Fat Levin Coupe!

Today we have another Aussie feature car/interview for you. One of my favourite AE86’s, Robo’s simple yet effective Levin coupe is certainly tough as nails.

Background on yourself?
Well I was born in Brisbane in 1990, grew up around cars & motorbikes so I guess that was the start of it all! I have been into drifting/ import scene for a while now and i started going out to Queensland Raceway for photography back in late 2003 at the age of twelve or so! :)

History of your car?
From what I can tell my ’86 was driven around daily in Tokyo, Japan (where it came from), it had an easy life, I was very happy to see it as clean as it was! Being a grade 3 auction car, it was better than expected to be honest. When I got it the modding began from day one, I remember running inside to grab the dildo shifter to put in. Then came suspension/ wheels and as they say the rest is history!


It’s Turbo Time!

You may remember a few months back we posted up that Hasselgren was building Taka Aono a turbo powered 16v 4A-GE for his Formula D AE86? Well it’s finally finished! Check out the the next two videos for the first runs on the dyno and it in full flight at practice at Formula D Seattle.

Even More Ebisu Drift Madness…

This time it’s the crew over @ 7TUNE with their version of the event. Lots of ’86s in action in the photos (it’s huge gallery and almost every picture has an AE86 in there somewhere).

Check it out here. I just can’t get enough…..

Toshiki Yoshioka Interview

By none other than Antonio Alvendia, man that guy gets around!

VIDEO: Flame Throwin’ 86!

Enjoy some highway anarchy today with this classic… I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this because I can clearly remember the QLD boys doing the exact same thing a few years back one night on the highway.  Doesn’t do anything except waste fuel and possibly foul plugs but DAMN that shit looks and sounds wicked!!

F20C Conversions: The New Black?

If you’re ontop of whats happenning in drifting worldwide, you would be aware of the current trend of putting the Honda S2000’s F20C engine into the AE86. One reason you could summise why the swap is so popular is to try and reduce the inherent lack of power output most professional AE86 drifters suffer from.  At least 5 major AE86 drifters from the USA have chosen the Honda route and successfully pulled it off with the European guys more recently jumping onto the bandwagon with conversions of their own.

Now here @ HR Blog we love all things AE86, however some of us are purists whilst others embrace the idea of the engine transplant. We want to know what you think about engine transplants (or any other complete component transplants for that matter) and what your dream AE86 configuration would entail. Original, Hi-tech or a straight out mongrel – get commenting and let us hear your ideas!

More Ebisu Madness…

Antonio from Speedhunters really can’t resist his deeply-rooted ’86 urges and continues to deliver the goods with another blog of awesome hachiroku’s from Ebisu Summer Drift Festival last weekend.  Check out these three tasty morsels of Toyota engineering complete with engine pics and the lot over at Speedhunters blog. Love your work Antonio!

86 Style: Natsumatsuri

The Ebisu Circuit Summer Drift Festival (aka Natsumatsuri) was held last week and the humble 86 was out in force. The event is non stop track action for 36hrs and is held on the many different track layouts found at Ebisu Circuit. Our friends over at Speedhunters have full coverage of the event here and we have posted up some pictures after the jump, enjoy.