Robo’s Fat Levin Coupe!

Today we have another Aussie feature car/interview for you. One of my favourite AE86’s, Robo’s simple yet effective Levin coupe is certainly tough as nails.

Background on yourself?
Well I was born in Brisbane in 1990, grew up around cars & motorbikes so I guess that was the start of it all! I have been into drifting/ import scene for a while now and i started going out to Queensland Raceway for photography back in late 2003 at the age of twelve or so! :)

History of your car?
From what I can tell my ’86 was driven around daily in Tokyo, Japan (where it came from), it had an easy life, I was very happy to see it as clean as it was! Being a grade 3 auction car, it was better than expected to be honest. When I got it the modding began from day one, I remember running inside to grab the dildo shifter to put in. Then came suspension/ wheels and as they say the rest is history!

Why 86?
Why NOT ’86? Lightweight, best shape ever, handles like a go kart with minimal mods, flogs turbo cars through the hills; It’s too good to be true! Plus chicks dig them :P

So you imported? Why?
Yep, I  was after a coupe so looked to the motherland, after missing about three cars, a little mint white notch came up on a private auction, I had to get it!

Happiest moment in your car?
So many! Things like seeing the look on peoples faces when the rails hit the ground in car parks :), But id say drifting is easily the most fun I’ve had in the car, nothing like throwing her in at 130 odd in 3rd :D.

What got you into ’86s?
Going out to Queensland raceway to see guys like the Midnight Mechanics crew ripping it up in there 86’s. Along with Andy, Gilly and Brett in there machines. These are the guys who got me hooked!

What do you think of the 86 culture both in Australia and in your home state?
The scene is getting huge super fast! With sites like AE86DC and of course the one and only HR the ’86 scene will keep growing bigger and bigger. The QLD scene itself is also quite big all things considered, with regular BBQ meets and cruises all the time, its awesome!

What do you think about the HR annual coming to QLD?
Awesome idea. Would be there in a heart beat.

What are your future plans for your coupe?
2.Drift some more
3.Hmmmm drift?
4.Drift some more after that.
5.Last but not least, Drift.

I just want to have fun in the car, that’s why I got it, that’s why I spend silly amounts of money on it haha! At the end of the day there’s nothing like jumping in the 86 and going for a drive.

What’s your preferred sin? Drifting, Grip, Touge or Show?
Come on… going drifting! :D

How long you hoping to own this sucker for?
Infinity x 4

Any thanks?
-Seamus: (70XIN on the forums), mad dude, helped me out lots with the car, taught me heaps of stuff, so yer thanks dude!
-Dimitri: Always happy to help out! Cheers dude!
-Cait: (my girlfriend) for putting up with the bullshit “sorry im late blew the diff/gearbox/lost a wheel/batman took control of the car”

Finally, please list the specs of your car
1987 AE86 Levin GT Coupe
White with black bumpers.

-Custom made Coilovers, using stock 86 struts (shortened for ae92 inserts)
-Eibach Coilover kit (awesome) with 8.5 kg springs.
-TRD AE92 Yellows inserts (non adjustable)
-Cusco Camber tops
-Cusco Strut brace
-Power steering arms (GTV)
-XT130 Lower Control arms (fresh bushings/ ball joints)
-DMAX AE86 Pillow ball tension rods (castor rods)
-AJPS Tie rod ends (20mm longer)
-45mm JAP RCA’s

-18mm White line rear sway bar (non adjustable)
-Noltec Adjustable pandard rod
-TRD Blues (8 ways adjustable) converted to coilovers
-7kg spring

-Big port 4AGE (100% stock with Apexi filter)
-Oil cooler with braided lines
-Extreme Heavy Duty clutch
-TRD 2way LSD (super super tight)
-TRD 4.778 Final drive.

-Bride Zeta bucket seat (drivers side)
-350mm Nardi classic.

14×8 -15 Work Equip 03s (front) 195/60
14×8.5 -22 Work Equip 03s (rear) 195/60
Zenki lip on kouki front bar.
Kouki Trueno tail lights.

Some pics of the car’s progression from it landing to now.

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