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HR Visits: Carland in Kyoto, Japan


Back in February, I took a trip to Japan with a bunch of friends including tuner Anthony Kellam from Kaizen Garage and Queensland AE86 drifter Sam Holz. We braved the cold morning in Osaka, jumped on the Shinkansen and set off to find the shining star of the Kyoto AE86 scene.


Initial D: Fifth Stage Ep’s 3 & 4


So far only the Low Quality 360p raws are out and subbed. SAGE fansubs is waiting for the 720p HD rip, but for now you can watch them here:

Episode 3 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

Episode 4 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

Initial D Fifth Stage Episode 1 English Subs

Out now thanks to SAGE Fansubs:

“Hey hey hey it’s Initial D, finally. The early airing caught me off my guard.

Yes, we know the raw is shit. It’s the best one we could find.

The problem is, next week we might not even be able to find any raw. It starts airing on Animax PPV, and NOBODY gets that channel.

If you can hook us up with raws, let me know. Otherwise the rest won’t get subbed until the Blurays come out.”

Let’s hope not! I wonder if Japanese animation companies will ever release Japanese Blu Rays with english subs. I know I’d buy them!

Initial D Fifth Stage

Initial D Fifth Stage was officially confirmed on August 6th, 2012 by Perfect Choice TV. Animax just aired episode 1 of Fifth Stage on Sunday, 8:00pm November 4th, 2012 (UTC+09:00) as a preview.

The official air date for Fifth Stage Episode 1 – 2 is confirmed to be on Friday 4:00am November 9th, 2012 (UTC+09:00) (second Friday of the month). There will be two new episodes every month.

The theme song “Raise Up” will be by M.O.V.E as usual with the ending theme “Flyleaf” by J-Rock band CLUTCHO .

The episodes will be aired on Animax’s PPV program for 840 Yen each viewing (two episodes). The DVDs will be released some time after the broadcast ends.

Fifth Stage Airdate Schedule: (Subject to change with notifications)

Episode 1 – 2: Friday 4:00am November 9th, 2012 (UTC+09:00)
Episode 3 – 4: Friday 4:00am December 14th, 2012 (UTC+09:00)
Episode 5 – 6: Friday 4:00am January 11th, 2013 (UTC+09:00)

UPDATE: Opening Credits 


Closing Credits (“Flyleaf” – CLUTCHO)


Official sources / affiliated websites:

– https://www.perfectchoice-pr.com/initial-d/
– https://www.animax.co.jp/special/initial-d/
– https://natalie.mu/comic/news/73769
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Initial D Stage 5: Get Ready!

We’re only weeks away from new racing from Takumi and the Project D team! There are new character designs for what looks like younger Takumi and Keisuke, but an older Bunta! Romance is in the air and lot’s of new challengers!

We will keep you update with fansubs as soon as they happen!


Ten AE86s That Influenced a Generation

Back in 2009, Jeroen Willemsen from SPEEDHUNTERS asked us to write a guest blog for their massive site about the AE86. Jeroen writes:

“Rod asked me to make a top ten list of the best and most influential AE86’s. I’m no expert on everything Hachi, so I decided to ask some of my friends from Australia who run HR – the best hachiroku blog on the web – if they could help me out and they happily obliged. So here you have it, the top ten most influential AE86’s through the eyes of Adam Hocker and Garth Ivers.”

We tried to make the article as international as possible so there might be certain cars you guys think should be in there. So don’t hate us for leaving out your favorite car :) As for Akira Iida’s ’86, Hasselgren, etc they were up there with the others but when there’s only 10 to choose from… well you know!


An Exercise In Detail

Takumi takes a visit to Ireland for a damn smooth photoshoot.

See all the gorgeous photos at Juicebox

Shuichi Shigeno Charity

carchs initial d replica Shuichi Shigeno signature on dash

The Impulse Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica was already impressive, but how about a Shuichi Shigeno signed Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica? Well, it can be yours!


Takumi’s Trueno @ Toyota Megaweb

carland initial d replica
In contrary of Itsuki’s voice actor, Takumi’s voice actor is actually a proper AE86 lover hachi owner and lover. Together with Carland86 he turned his old Trueno GTV into an Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica back in 2003! After that Carland86 built the “original” cars used in Initial D The Movie.


Panda Party


All white and all rocking smooth and clean mods, these fairly standard-bodied rides are a refreshing change from the ever-increasing madness we see coming out of Japan and the USA sporting all kinds of wide bodied, flared, blistered, pumped and who-knows-what-else body work. Chester Ng has these great shots of a crew of AE86 lovers from Hong Kong up on his website.  Sometimes less is more and for this selection of hachiroku it couldn’t be more true. I love the ‘Takumi’ and ‘Keiichi’ copycats, they’re almost perfect!