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Hatch, Coupe…. Wagon?!?

Completely unsure if this is ‘photoshopped’ or not, but PeakingDuck dropped these in my inbox tonight, apparently finding them on Minkara.

Hit the jump for more shots!


Pluspy? Plus P? +P?

You may have seen this sticker on your freshly imported JDM steel or second hand parts and thought WTF? It is the mark of the oldschool


LEVIN On The Nürburgring

And other European circuits back in the 1980s!  F**k Yeah! I love nostalgia!

FT-86: New Photos & Art

For those of you out there who are as excited as we are about the FT-86,  head on over to the FT86club forums and check out a bunch of new shots released of the original concept and a bunch of its development art from the creators of this masterpiece; Toyota Europe Design Development!

FT86Club Forums

One Word To Describe It?

Sorted. What would yours be?

Check out the rest of Asayan’s Levin @ Noriyaro