LEVIN On The Nürburgring

And other European circuits back in the 1980s!  F**k Yeah! I love nostalgia!

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7 Responses to LEVIN On The Nürburgring

  1. leigh says:

    hell yea love it easy to see how drifting became cool

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  3. Richard says:

    damn lanuage i really wanted to know what he was saying.

    great footage

    Lucky they have standard suspension and the cars not lowered otherwise they might roll or flip it according to taipan force

  4. Andrew says:

    Best video ever.

    80s ftw.

  5. It is I says:

    Thanks guys, excellent video.
    Keep up the good work as its appreciated

  6. Karl says:

    Great find Ev!

  7. The shooting break (yes, it’s ‘break,’ not ‘brake’) design isn’t something new – we’ve seen it before in smaller vehicles like the original BMW Z3 M Coupe. Today, though, Mercedes-Benz takes the shooting break concept one step further with the addition of two rear doors and a healthy dose of next-generation style. It’s the CLS Shooting Break Concept, folks. Think of this as the four-door coupe for the wagon segment.

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