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AE86 Community United: Official AE86 T-Shirt


Working together with Shatsu Clothing, the AE86 Community has created this AWESOME T-shirt, representing Clubs throughout the World:, HR –, The Corolla Brotherhood, AE86irl, AE86 World, and many many more.


Very *LIMITED* Numbers Available, be fast to Order yours now!

Contact us on: with your desired size. Payment via PayPal.

Price: 30AUD + $9 Shipping… Available to Australia & New Zealand (with a small increase in shipping price)



Help Support: Tomei Titanium Exhaust


HRs own Allen Lorenzo who works at Tomei Powered in Japan has been striving for years to push Tomei produce more AE86 parts, but after a lot of persuading it’s about to get better! He writes:

AE86 brothers, your support is needed! It has taken me years of persistence and finally I am close!

The head management at Tomei Powered Inc in Japan is now considering going ahead with the development and production of a Full Titanium cat back system for the AE86!

Yes that’s right, FULL as in the piping and hanger arms are completely 100% Titanium!
The only parts that aren’t Titanium are: 

– The springs that connect the piping.
– The Clamp Band that connect the piping.

However, the prototype hasn’t been made yet, so more details will come later if it gets the go ahead.

FYI: The Tomei EXPREME Ti for the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 10: weight comparison is:

– Stock is 20.05kg (44.2lbs) 
– Tomei EXPREME Ti is 4.4kg (9.7lbs) 

For full details on the product, view the official blog here.

Ref: My Toda Racing stainless steel cat back system weights around 16-18kg from memory.

As you all know, the key characteristic of the AE86 is being lightweight. For those of you whom have been fortunate enough to have a right in a sub 800kg AE86, at full throttle, high speed drift or at the limits of circuit driving, will understand the difference.

So I urge you all, please complete this simple online survey, so that the key members at Tomei can see your valued comments.

In the comments at the end; please feel free to add any other requests.
Even suggestions on: 

– Pipe diameter size (due to regulations in events or laws in your country/region).
– Layout (over the rear axle or under it).
– Tail tip diameter; nice cool subtle size or a big ass American sized cannon! 
– The exit angle of the tail pipe (straight out or on an angle)
– Straight / De-cat pipe; (do you want it included with the kit or not).

Complete the survey HERE

PS: Even if you’re not going to buy it, please spread the word and get as many enthusiasts  as possible to complete this form!

AE86 Reproduction Metal Body Parts


That’s right. Manufacturing of some of the long out-of-production metal body panels for the 3-Door (hatchback) AE86 are underway again.


HEEL & TOE: Sweet Oblivion T-Shirt Pre-Order

Pretty freakin’ cool eh? Just like Initial D, just with 100% less Takumi!

The boys over at Sweet Oblivion are taking your pre-orders for their killer new shirt featuring a clutch kickin’ N2 madman, so jump over there now and snap one up!

TRD 86 Performance Line

Along with Toyota’s official annoucnement of the New 2012 86 Prices and trim specifications, TRD has also followed suit with unveiling what they are calling their ‘TRD Performance Line’.

Offering a full aero kit along with various suspension, chassis and brake parts, TRD has created a very well rounded catalogue for their new flagship sports.

Check it out here.

New Sh*t!: WORK Meister CR01

New for 2011! Nostalgic competition racing style! Check em out at the WORK website here.

New Sh*t!: AJPS Tie Rods & Ball Joints

Dave at AJPS shot me an email this morning letting me know about his new slim-line ball joint and tie rod ends. These are some serious modifications for those of you out there running at the extent of the AE86’s stock parts limit.  The ball joints are BJ145 part number and the tie rod ends are TE489L. You will need dual adjustable tie rod tubes (ra40/ke30, ajps, noby booth etc) to fit em on the AE86, which are a necessary upgrade with longer lower arms anyhow!

Manufactured in Taiwan for AJPS to ISO9002 standards, Dave says the quality and manufacturing is second to none:

The joints are fully sealed (no grease nipples), filled with molykote2 super high performance grease from the factory. The boot is also sealed to the housing and on the ball joints is further secured with spring wire. They both have micro finished hardened balls and forged casings further increasing smoothness and strength. The boots are much thicker than others ive tried and since they dont need filling the chance of the boot splitting is also nil. Theyre also UV treated so the rubber doesnt perish.

If you’re running old shagged out suspension or brand new purpose-built items, these parts will give great benefits. Restorers who want to refresh their car and have it last for many years to come, Rally and drifters whose cars get harsh use, Street-legal cars that need to go over the pits or simply cars that want to run a large rca with a small wheel – this is your solution!

David is so sure of the quality of these units hes brought in 100 pairs of each and will be selling the ball joints for $35 each and the tie rod ends for $25 each. Plus, if you get your order in this week, he’ll chuck in free Australia-wide shipping!

Hit the link to for the entire rundown and specification.

HR Forums

HellaFlush AE86: TE37V Edition

Impulse have procured for themselves a few sets of RAYS’ new TE37V wheels. After fitting them to every car they had on hand, they have perfected the ultimate fit formula for the 8.5-inch wide -5 offset size to fit under stock guards.  Using a 195/50R15 tyre,  in this case a Bridgestone RE-01 and Advan Neova AD07, only a small guard roll will see the perfect fit on your AE86 with the wheel face a mere 10mm protruding from underneath the guard.  Not to mention fitting perfectly over those Endless mono-block brakes.. phwoar! do want! Check out the pics after the jump.


ハチロク魂: Hachiroku Damashii Magazine

Some more news from Tokyo Auto Salon, this time from Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS:

At the end of TAS on friday I quickly headed to the Sun-eishobo stand, the publishers of Option magazine, as well as tons of other motoring related titles. I had to pick up a Hyper Rev book/catalogue for an Impreza-crazy friend back home in Italy and as I went to pay I noticed these two postcards on the counter. They are ads for a new magazine that will be launched at the end of the month called Hachiroku Damashii which in English would translate as “The Soul of Hachiroku.” The illustration of the red/black FT-86 riding on watanabes is in true Option magazine style and just hints at how much buzz this new Toyota sports car has created in the car world.

The postcard also says the first issue will be released in Japan on the 26th of this month, so we will keep you posted with a review when ours arrives!


Half Price Hero-Car

It seems everyday you come across another must-have part for your AE86, but then sometimes you see other tasty items that aren’t so functional, but still super cool. These DISM Trueno 1/24 Die-Cast replicas are one such item!

This wonderfully detailed and fully finished 1/24 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 can be “tuned” to your heart’s desire, with extra parts in the form of an alternate hood, exhaust system, interior with roll cage, steering wheel, and much more. Also includes an alternate set of wheels and tires. Ride height can be adjusted to three positions, wheels can be offset to two positions, camber can be set from 0 to 10 degrees, and the steering is positionable. That’s a lot of features at a great price!

They arent wrong on the last bit. I already own a few of these and can certainly vouch for their quality! Can’t wait to pick this beauty up? See here for the Trueno and here for all the “mini-cars” on sale at HLJ (amongst them racing spec 2000GT’s and Hakosukas!)