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Tanasije Kuvalja’s AE86 at Banja Luka Autodrome


Somewhat of a local legend, former olympic competitor for Yugoslavia and national cycling champion turned automobile master Tanasije Kuvalja sits in his AE86 in Zaluzani, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina circa 1983.

Not content with only cycling victories, he turned his focus in 1977 to motorsport and was a multiple champion in the former Yugoslavia, first finding success in a Fiat 128 Sportscoupe and later an Alfa Romeo 156 ST.

Unfortunately, data for his success in the AE86 is somewhat hard to find, maybe some of our european readers can help shed some light?


Wallpaper Wednesday: Import Bible x Maiham x TRA Kyoto FR-S

Import Bible teams up with talented media group Maiham Media and Japanese shop TRA Kyoto to create high-resolution wallpapers of the popular wide body Rocket Bunny kit for the Scion FR-S.

Seen early this month TRA Kyoto’s is the talk of the community as of lately. Wallpapers are available in different sizes and are free for personal use over at the Import Bible website.

How To Drift: YZ Circuit

[via shirtstuckedin]

LOOKING: Full Attack Mode

Asayan-san from LOOKING at Meihan Sports Land in his AE86. He wasn’t comfortable in his new 86 yet so he was “taking it easy”…

Initial D Stage 5: Get Ready!

We’re only weeks away from new racing from Takumi and the Project D team! There are new character designs for what looks like younger Takumi and Keisuke, but an older Bunta! Romance is in the air and lot’s of new challengers!

We will keep you update with fansubs as soon as they happen!

RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF Levin Wallpaper

Courtesy of the RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) facebook page.

Old School Style

Running in the 90s..

Touge Monster

A little wallpaper action for you on a Friday. Download here.

Less is More

This great photo by portuguese photographer David Guimarães.. I think you would agree.  Check us out on Facebook for more of this daily.

AE86 Owners are Crazy!

Proof! Thanks to Casey at shirtstuckedin Check it out for more AE86 goodness!