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MotorDriven x HR AE86 Annual


Local AE86 owner and gun lensman Matt Mead certainly gets around the motorsport traps here in Australia, but he took time out last weekend to join us on the 2009 HR AE86 Annual.  Check out his shots over at his blog MotorDriven.

Honda Love

Honda Steering Wheel in a Hachi?

Yes, you did see that correctly: a Honda steering wheel inside a hachi! :) RA64 Freddy spotted this US Corolla GT-S on a meet in a local car park called Tropical Park. It turned out to be a 90% Honda/Acura meet but he thought he stroke gold when he spotted a hachi among them!

This Hachi was one of two ’Yotas at the meet..ehhh..but it had a Honda soul…I was looking for 4AG with ITB’s..

When he looked inside he saw that even the steering wheel had been swapped…

But is it that bad? No, I think not. The hachi is now powered by a F20c so its heart is already a Honda anyway so go with the flow!

Read more about the Tropic Park meet here.

HR AE86 Annual 2009: The Conspiracy…


The HR AE86 Annual for 2009 has come and gone… Even though everything was against us and many things tried to stop us!


International Drift Series Rd.6 @ Lausitz


It has already been 2 weeks since the last round of the International Drift Series ( has passed and we are already in full preperation for next weekend’s last round.




Lock up your Mothers and Daughters!! HR is back for the Australian AE86 Annual event is this weekend!! This Sunday will be a fun packed day of celebrating our favourite car.

We will be having a BBQ and touge cruise and to keep the disractions to a minimum, the touge route will be revealed on the day. The day ends at Como Pub for some shit talking, cool ales and some great food!

Sunday Meeting Point (Google Maps Link)
Lambeth Reserve Carpark (the big one not the small one), Revesby @ 11:30AM (For your GPS people, it’s at the intersection of The River Road and Henry Lawson Drive)

Check the thread here!

Takumi’s Trueno @ Toyota Megaweb

carland initial d replica
In contrary of Itsuki’s voice actor, Takumi’s voice actor is actually a proper AE86 lover hachi owner and lover. Together with Carland86 he turned his old Trueno GTV into an Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica back in 2003! After that Carland86 built the “original” cars used in Initial D The Movie.


Pimp My 4A-G!


Remember these? Well they are now available to buy!

If you’re engine bay is running trick bits but you’re upset no one can see ’em, hit up Zaklee Corp and get your bling on! Woot!

Brandon Leung’s AE86 Trueno

After recently seeing this amazing car again for the first time in a while, I thought it was only fair we shared it with everyone who might never have seen it. Originally a JTUNED project, this little hachiroku went through a few guises before coming out looking a million bucks as you see it in the video. I must admit, my monochrome Trueno project takes a few styling tips from this awesome streetcar! Check out Brandon’s super cool streetwear (and Honda Ruckus) shop (as featured in the video) @ Bowls LA!

Ireland Annual Meet ’09


Over 80 (was it 86 exactly?) AE86’s and retro Toyotas were in attendance at the Irish Annual meet held in Kilkenny, Ireland on the 19th of September.  The crew (mostly hailing from came from far and wide across the emerald isle to attend the meet, which included drifting and diffin’ at a local boot sale yard.  I dream of the day where we can see 80 AE86’s all in unison at one event here in Australia! Nice work lads and lasses!

Check out the photos from the event here and here.

Photo: Sean Mullery

Looking Good In 1990

Looking good in 1990
Just a random picture I stumbled upon at My first thought was “Looking good in 1990” and no, that did not apply to the guy in the picture.

Just think about what our current idea is of a good looking hachi! Even though this guy upgraded his factory stock Levin Apex twincam with a set of 15 inch Weds Albinos, it is far, far from the picture above…