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Honda Steering Wheel in a Hachi?

Yes, you did see that correctly: a Honda steering wheel inside a hachi! :) RA64 Freddy spotted this US Corolla GT-S on a meet in a local car park called Tropical Park. It turned out to be a 90% Honda/Acura meet but he thought he stroke gold when he spotted a hachi among them!

This Hachi was one of two ’Yotas at the meet..ehhh..but it had a Honda soul…I was looking for 4AG with ITB’s..

When he looked inside he saw that even the steering wheel had been swapped…

But is it that bad? No, I think not. The hachi is now powered by a F20c so its heart is already a Honda anyway so go with the flow!

Read more about the Tropic Park meet here.

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