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Werner Rohr AE86 Levin x Bergrennen Reitnau

This is the Swiss Bergrennen Reitnau series. Many of you may recognise the course and event name from many years of past events. Over the years, the 1600cc class has featured Werner Rohr with his infamous 4A-GE 2-door Levin.

Click play and listen to the iconic rasp and scream of the 220 horsepower 1.6L running all the way up to 9000 rpm. Simply glorious Toyota engineering!


(Extreme volume at 2:16 on this next video… don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

If you’re keen to see how Werner’s AE86 was made, check out the gallery from his build process at the Das Racing Team website.


Working LEGO 4A-GE Engine!

A little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of LEGO Technic and you have this very cool maquette of Toyota’s trusty 4A-GE engine from the AE86! Not just a pretty model, it’s got moving parts and all of the details!

When You Hear It…

Sixteen valves at then thousand revolutions per minute. Godlike!

One Word To Describe It?

Sorted. What would yours be?

Check out the rest of Asayan’s Levin @ Noriyaro

Pimp My 4A-G!


Remember these? Well they are now available to buy!

If you’re engine bay is running trick bits but you’re upset no one can see ’em, hit up Zaklee Corp and get your bling on! Woot!

New Products: W58-T50 Adaptor

w58 to t50 adapterplate
Stop your searches for the scarce custom W58 bellhousings made out of unobtanium! The W58 to T50 adaptor plate is here! :)

Well known AE86 community contributor Assassin10000 already made great write ups in the past about the SR5 to GTS conversions, 4AGE distributor rebuild and even the Celica Supra MA45/46/47 axle swap. This time he came up with an ingenious idea: instead of seeking for a whole bellhousing, why not make an adaptor plate for the W58 gearbox and the T50 4AGE bellhousing!


NAPREC Nagoya Precision

Some days you stumble onto the most useful things and today was no different.  In the midst of scouring the web for various parts for Project HR, I came across a company called NAPREC. Short for Nagoya Precision, this small but busy workshop in Hachiouji has turned out various engine parts for the veritable 4A-GE since its establishment in 1997.

Whilst lacking the bling of other major brands like TODA or HKS, the NAPREC gear is no fuss, offering cheaper products whilst retaining top quality production. Especially interesting is their custom cast aluminium sump pan, it’s design and finish is just so alluring, even though it’s only a sump pan!

Check the rest out, it’s certainly worth it!

Flashback: Akira Iida’s $100k AE86 Build

One car. One man. One hundred grand. This AE86 is the result of one of the most expensive semi-street, semi-race AE86 projects ever undertaken.

JGTC GT500 driver Akira Iida’s “Passion of the Levin” is to build the ultimate AE86 which included a full TRD Group A AE101 with dry-sump, MoTec M4, generating 217PS and complete body restoration. Estimated cost for the project was 10million Yen ($100,000) to complete!

The centrepiece of the build is the TRD 20 Valve 4A-GE. With the VVT on inlet eliminated, the engine runs IN/EX: 288/294 duration (10.2 lift) camshafts. Although the TRD race engines with 304/312 (10.8) were capable of 250hp revving to 11000rpm, Iida’s is limited to 9000 redline @ 210hp for engine preservation and improved street suitability.

But why did a champion GT racing driver choose to start such a project? Doesn’t he get enough from driving 500hp circuit monsters at 300 km/h day in and day out? Love for the AE86! Check out the whole build article over at Club4AG.

The Iida AE86 project was featured in many volumes of Video Option in Japan throughout 1999. The car took nearly one year to complete with many of the processes labored by Iida himself between his busy race schedule.

The VHS series was originally titled ‘Akira’s Work Box’ but is now available on DVD from Video Option under the title of ‘V-Opt the Best #2: Tuned AE86 by WORKBOX’.

An upload of the original VHS are on YouTube in two parts:

(Check out Bee-R’s youthful Imai-san!)

VIDEO: 471hp Twin-charged 4A-GE

A turbo + a supercharger + the always awesome 4A-GE = Madness! This AE86 smashes out 471hp (thats 351kW for you new schoolers) and 508nm of torque at redline – now that’s no mean feat for a 1.6 Liter!

If you want to know more about twincharging a 4A-GE visit this site.

Hit the jump for an extra video showing various stages of the build up.