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Beauman Jones’ SR20DET powered Trueno

Photo by Matthew Mead.

JDMST have just uploaded a new Featured Ride. This time it’s our own Beauman Jones’ head bangin’ SR20DET powered AE86.

Click here to view the feature

THE ANNUAL R-adelaide this weekend!!

It is that time again the ANNUAL has come around once more and we are heading to the winding hills of Adelaide for the first time ever!

Our last interstate effort was probably the best so far, but im wanting all Adelaidians to dust off their drift pipes, slap on the widest set of wheels you’ve got, stretch tyres to the max and surpass the QLD effort so it remains in Australian AE86 and KE/AE70 histrory for ever more!



Asayan tearing up Meihan Sportsland in his awesome AE86 at a HitomiGO drift day back in January 2008. あさやん LOOKING AE86 :: ひとみGO 走行会 2008.  Filmed and edited by all-round nice guy Laurence Janus!

Does it remind anyone of a certain ‘hachiroku.mpg’ from long ago of Katsuhiro Ueo in his AE85? Love it!

How To Fit Stretched Tyres – The AE86 Way!

Props to Banpei for finding this masterpiece!

Kraft Racing GT300 AE86 Build Video

Here is a build video of the legendary Kraft Racing GT300 AE86, this car was powered by the 503E (3S-GTE on steroids) and was still competing until 2001 in JGTC!