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86RC Comes To New Zealand


Isn’t Australia supposed to be the ‘lucky country‘? So why is it we have been bypassed on the ‘build your own’ version of the ZN6 86, the ‘RC’? Japan has embraced the ‘bare-bones’  model with open arms as almost every tuning house in the land of the rising sun grabbed one and put every combination of aftermarket parts into it.

So now that New Zealand is doing the same AND offering a slew of customisable Gran-Turismo style custom upgrades, I’m left wondering what the hell Toyota Australia is doing snoozing on getting the RC to Australian shores?

If you’re one of our Kiwi readers, check out what you can all walk down to the dealership and get at the official website here. For everyone else here in Australia and over in the US, well just visit it and cry a little I suppose.

[86RC – Toyota New Zealand]

Grassroots Destruction

Keisuke from 86 Fighters in his AE86 at Meremere, Waikato, New Zealand kicking some ass. Choice!

[via Freshly Whipped & 86 Fighters]

New Zealand Style: Auckland GT86 Launch

Keisuke from 86 Fighters got some excellent shots in Auckland for the North Shore Toyota NZ GT86 Launch. Some really nice AE86s live under the long white cloud, and the guys who drive them look like champs. Hit the jump for the gallery.


Hugo’s Hotness

Good friend of NZ AE86 maniac (and HR’s buddy) Keisuke, Hug-o at GarageRS is equally as crazy about hachirokus and evidently also as talented with getting things sideways. Hug-o’s Levin hatchback wears some pretty tidy dress–up parts for what most people would deem ‘too-nice’ for a drift car, but we love any AE86 that looks this clean and goes this hard!

Hug-o has compiled a bunch of his best photos of a recent trackday venture over at his blog, GarageRS – so check it out and let him know which one is YOUR favourite!

No. Sleep. Till Taupo!


Get sideways! Keisuke over @ 86Fighters has been hanging out in NZ and hanging it out with his drifting posse in Taupo.

This weekend was very eventful, normally quite important things like sleep and healthy food were not a priority: Late nights, drinking and having fun were on the agenda. Monday was a Drift Motorsports NZ track day run by Drew and Jodie, and a group of us had planned to go down to taupo on Sunday and stay the night….

What is it with drifters and being loose, crazy party-animals? Must come with the job description! Check out the gallery @ 86Fighters for more pics of the crazy weekend!

Jono Bennett’s F20C Weapon

The stance on this Levin is just pure sex, and the decals are some of the freshest and most unique I’ve seen on a racecar in a long time! No less that it’s powered by two liters of VTECs!

Drift Attack @ Taupo


Keisuke is at it again with another drift event in the land of the long white cloud.

This Event was the well known Driftopia Expression days held to cover everyone who wants to attend a track and drift, wether it be a complete beginner to top D1NZ drivers.

NZ is really coming into it’s prime within the global drifting fraternity. Check out the pretty sharp set of photos in the gallery over @ 86 Fighters blog.

Joe Manji Madness

Awesome coverage of AE86’s at the Joe Manji event in New Zealand!

Long White Cloud (Of Tyre Smoke)


Keisuke from 86Fighters blog may be back in New Zealand but that hasn’t stopped his incurable hachiroku mania.  He’s been busy getting the skids on at a local grassroots drift day.

In New Zealand, there are a group called S-Club who organize the Joe Manji Events for like minded people who like to Manji!  I went with 3 hours sleep, no food or water and forgot my helmet. I wasn’t the most prepared to say the least, but had a very good time none the less! From missiles to “D1-Spec”, there were a variety of cars and talent in attendance – but thats the best part of it!

Head over to his blog and check out the galleries of the day. Gallery 1 & Gallery 2.

A Little Traction Over Here Please?

Quick vid of Nick Teebon tearing up the 2009 Auckland Domain Hillclimb in his turbocharged hachiroku. It looks as if it hasn’t got any traction at all, but he still holds onto it like a pro! Nice work Nick!

If your in NZ and keen to hit up some hillclimb action in your very own ’86, Driftopia is hosting the next event on June 1 at Taupo Motorsport Park. Check their website for more info!