Joe Manji Madness

Awesome coverage of AE86’s at the Joe Manji event in New Zealand!

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4 Responses to Joe Manji Madness

  1. Richard says:

    awesome fun i cant even work out wat engine is in the green trueno. its full of fluff

  2. Danny says:

    I wanna see more of this 20b corolla! I thought it sounded so mean and then when you see him pop the hood at the end it all comes together. Any more info on this ride?

  3. Daryl T says:

    Nice vid man. Balls out ftw !

    The Green Trueno is sick… rotary power I take it …

  4. Nick Teeboon says:

    Brendans car has a hybrid 12a tripple rotor called an “18a” It makes just over 300hp at the wheels and is only running to 7500rpm at the moment. The motor will eventually be tuned up to 9000rpm and potentially 400hp area. It will make its competition debut this sunday at the NZ Drift series at Pukekohe.
    Should be interesting. Easily at potent as my 4agte 86. Lighter too can’t be too far over 800kgs.
    And he did EVERYTHING himself!!!!

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