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Ten AE86s That Influenced a Generation

Back in 2009, Jeroen Willemsen from SPEEDHUNTERS asked us to write a guest blog for their massive site about the AE86. Jeroen writes:

“Rod asked me to make a top ten list of the best and most influential AE86’s. I’m no expert on everything Hachi, so I decided to ask some of my friends from Australia who run HR – the best hachiroku blog on the web – if they could help me out and they happily obliged. So here you have it, the top ten most influential AE86’s through the eyes of Adam Hocker and Garth Ivers.”

We tried to make the article as international as possible so there might be certain cars you guys think should be in there. So don’t hate us for leaving out your favorite car :) As for Akira Iida’s ’86, Hasselgren, etc they were up there with the others but when there’s only 10 to choose from… well you know!


So Fresh, So Clean


Tec-Art’s have another super-clean AE86 up in their ever expanding photo gallery and I think it’s fitting for the lead up to Hachiroku Day. In Japan, it’s written 8/6, which technically isn’t today for us Aussies (since its the 6th of the 8th here….) but the Japanese & Americans love it all the same! Anyway, who needs an excuse to drool over sweet ’86’s anyhow?

Check out the gallery here!

Tec-Art’s New Urethane Bushing Range


Released only last week, the new range of Tec-Art’s urethane bushings look damn good, if the photos are anything to go by! In the same colour as the all-familiar ‘drift pineapples’ made famous by Uras, they are offering a selection of transmission mount stiffener inserts, traditional suspension-arm kits and some nice rack bushings for both manual and power steering equipped AE86’s.

We Aussies are lucky to have no less than 3 different urethane bushing manufacturers here in Oz, but these Japanese-quality items might just be what you other international guys are looking for. Hit up the Tec-Art’s website for the specifications and high-res pictures.

Tec Art’s Katuzo Trueno


170PS. Hi-Comp 16v 4A-GE. 9″ Wide Work Equipe’s. Full Aero Kit. Tec Art’s Built. Pure Sex.

Check out the pics and full spec list here.

AE86s @ Fuji D1 ’08

Alexi from noriyaro again provides us with the latest coverage out of Japan and today he shows us an endangered species – the D1GP AE86.

Caught in the wild at the D1 Grand Prix final in Fuji Speedway last weekend, these AE86’s are the few still competing in what has become a huge horsepower competition. It is a shame to see the AE86 losing it’s competitive edge in a world dominated by machines boasting 400ps power output figures, but it is still exciting to watch the dedicated ’86 pilots in their do-or-die corner entry speeds, flat to the floor to keep up with the big boys!


AE86 Celebration @ Nikko Circuit

Miguel from Newera Imports always has great coverage of the Japanese AE86 scene and again he doesn’t disappoint! On Sunday 5th Aug (the day before Monday 6th August aka hachiroku day) Tec Arts, one of Japan’s top AE86 tuners  and a family run business with a lot of passion for the AE86, organised a day of driving, drifting and AE86 celebration. Techno Pro Spirits were also there with their N2 race car, as well as other very cool AE86’s.


Tec-Arts D1 AE86

When it comes to building awesome AE86’s for both the street and the track, there a few shops more skilled than Tec-Arts which is located just outside of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture.

Besides building numerous top level street cars, Tec-Arts AE86 racing experience also includes their famous N2 race car which has achieved great success at the N2 races held at Tsukuba Circuit. Tec-Arts also has an active D1GP project which has been in competition for a few years now. T

he driver of the Tec-Arts D1 Trueno is Kensaku Komoro and is currently competing in the D1GP. It helps set the standard for competition AE86 drift cars around the world and shows that the 25-year old chassis has plenty of life of left in it.

Check out the entire writeup @ SPEEDHUNTERS.

Tec Art’s ‘Street-Spec’ Trueno

Some shots of the Tec-Art’s Street Spec Trueno from the D1 exhibition round at Odaiba last weekend to start your working week of AE86 style – It’s pretty nice for a drift car. Certainly a pity they don’t make more drift cars this nice here in Australia.