AE86 Celebration @ Nikko Circuit

Miguel from Newera Imports always has great coverage of the Japanese AE86 scene and again he doesn’t disappoint! On Sunday 5th Aug (the day before Monday 6th August aka hachiroku day) Tec Arts, one of Japan’s top AE86 tuners  and a family run business with a lot of passion for the AE86, organised a day of driving, drifting and AE86 celebration. Techno Pro Spirits were also there with their N2 race car, as well as other very cool AE86’s.

Miguel writes:

Unfortunately Allen (driver of the red Newera AE86) didn’t wear his clutch in well and managed to burn it to a crisp on his first outing….(One side completely lost it’s friction material) TP Spirits offered to lend me their loader truck, to drive the car back to their workshops, but no way was I going to miss this event!!

Then TecArts said they had a spare Racing clutch, which they’d fit for us. 2 hours later, all done. I love the service you can find in Japan !!

We had a blast!! Heat was tremendous. Despite having 2 hammocks under the pit roofs, in the shade – I still needed to drink around 5 litres of fluids all day. It rained heavily at Lunchtime, in between my heats on the track, but during that time I went off to get new tyres fitted by the local petrol station. By the time I came back it was all dry!

A lot of the heats were time attack, with 2 separate AE86 drift groups. Sorry I couldn’t take a lot of action pics, but when the drifting was on, I was out there too!

Awesome, awesome day. One of the best so far. The AE86 is alive and well in Japan.

We couldn’t agree more Miguel! Thanks to Newera Imports for the Images.

TecArts Turbo D1 Killer

Teal.. mmm

Looks like a Kaizen Garage Special!

Newera AE86 (Miguel’s & Allen’s)

Shino Kouba represent!

Inside TPS Racecar

Clutch Change!

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