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RunFree Levin Drifting Minami in Ebisu Circuit


More Ebisu Matsuri AE86’s!


Coverage of events are always better when you have an AE86-maniac behind the lens!  Keisuke gives us the hachiroku insight into the infamous drift festival!

The Navi took me through some backroads that you would have never thought lead to Ebisu, For a few instances I had my doubts but in the end I got there and I had a smile as big as the moon. For me, the highlight of the event had to be riding in a AE86 from Team Peak on Kita course…

Check out all the pics over at 86 Fighters blog!

Spring Drift Matsuri AE86’s


Dino over @ SPEEDHUNTERS has got the third and final part of his coverage of the 2009 Ebisu Spring Drift Matsuri and there’s some great AE86 shots in there (especially this one of the twin RunFree Levins – airborne in unison!!) Check it out now! Parts one, two and finally three!

A Swiss Visits Japan!


Hi everybody, Tobias here! I’m HR’s first international blogger and this will be my first blog entry here! As a first post I would like to share some impressions from my 2008 trip to Japan, of course focused on our beloved Hachiroku!

We arrived on a very humid Thursday in late August in Narita, Tokyo. We jumped on the limousine bus to the city and already had plans for the upcoming weekend!


Even More Ebisu Drift Madness…

This time it’s the crew over @ 7TUNE with their version of the event. Lots of ’86s in action in the photos (it’s huge gallery and almost every picture has an AE86 in there somewhere).

Check it out here. I just can’t get enough…..

More Ebisu Madness…

Antonio from Speedhunters really can’t resist his deeply-rooted ’86 urges and continues to deliver the goods with another blog of awesome hachiroku’s from Ebisu Summer Drift Festival last weekend.  Check out these three tasty morsels of Toyota engineering complete with engine pics and the lot over at Speedhunters blog. Love your work Antonio!

86 Style: Natsumatsuri

The Ebisu Circuit Summer Drift Festival (aka Natsumatsuri) was held last week and the humble 86 was out in force. The event is non stop track action for 36hrs and is held on the many different track layouts found at Ebisu Circuit. Our friends over at Speedhunters have full coverage of the event here and we have posted up some pictures after the jump, enjoy.


AE86’s Invade Ebisu Circuit

Courtesy of JDMTAS, these pics from Ebisu Circuit show that not only is the Japanese AE86 scene in no danger of slowing down – it’s actually getting even bigger with the majority of the cars on track on this day being top-spec hachi roku’s!

Check out a few AE86 related pics from the day after the jump!


VIDEO: Unbridled Joy of AE86

This guy seems to be having the best damn time ever. Can you really blame him?

Flat out down Ebisu straight with a clutch-kick at the end is simply pure insanity.

Source: YouTube