A Little Traction Over Here Please?

Quick vid of Nick Teebon tearing up the 2009 Auckland Domain Hillclimb in his turbocharged hachiroku. It looks as if it hasn’t got any traction at all, but he still holds onto it like a pro! Nice work Nick!

If your in NZ and keen to hit up some hillclimb action in your very own ’86, Driftopia is hosting the next event on June 1 at Taupo Motorsport Park. Check their website for more info!

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4 Responses to A Little Traction Over Here Please?

  1. TheDuze says:

    Respect. Total Control. I love the hand waveing at the end of the first run :-)

  2. Richard says:

    smooth roads i miss my home country sometimes. but if that was me i would of shat myself

  3. jet111 says:

    Wow, love the sound of this car, its so raw. great car control too… hadn’t seen this vid before, good stuff.

  4. Nick Teeboon says:

    Wow, Thanks guys.
    The first run was the recce run….
    Only got 4 runs at that event but I have competed in both drift series in New Zealand. Now I judge for one of them.
    Oh, the raw noise is the screamer and 20psi thru a 4agze motor.
    Now I’ve got a street car that has my old 7age race motor. Soon to be going.

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