Hatch, Coupe…. Wagon?!?

Completely unsure if this is ‘photoshopped’ or not, but PeakingDuck dropped these in my inbox tonight, apparently finding them on Minkara.

Hit the jump for more shots!

And another oldie (definitely photoshopped) via Club4AG back in the day


13 Responses to Hatch, Coupe…. Wagon?!?

  1. Steve says:

    Holy crap! They’ve made themselves a t-18!

  2. corey says:

    the second one is photoshoped for sure lol. look at the window.

  3. Richard says:

    sportmax ftw….NOT

    No its not a photoshop if its the one ive seen in the past on another site (with build thread) its been nick named “Catch” Coupe/hatch.


  4. gtv86 says:

    definitely photoshoped rear window line looks awkward

  5. DJexor says:

    2nd car is indeed definitely photoshoped. The gastank door is half a door.

  6. drift kid says:

    hey Richard, how about you do some reaserch before you go slandering a good wheel company, those arent even sportmax to begin with..

    and OT that is crazy lol, cant say i like it but it does look very well done :)

  7. discoquinn says:

    That is definatly the 1/4 windows from an Accord Aero Back.

  8. just wondering, is this FWD or RWD :p

  9. Richard says:

    they looked liked sportmaxx MY OWN opinion of sportmax is not a positive one..each to their own i suppose as i know alotta ppl other ppl dont like em either. I especially hate that design

  10. sean says:

    the white one is definately a Honda Accord Aerodeck.

    And it looks like its been modified to look like a hachi.

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  12. ToreDL87 says:

    Accord Aerodeck indeed! Those are FWD, in USA they came as coupè`s.

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