Fresh Blood

Some interesting styling changes from the guys @ J-Blood with their new line of bodykits released early this month.  First thing that really pops out is the radical new rear bumper design incorporating a wrap-under rear diffuser and their addition of a similar front diffuser/air intake to the newly-redesigned front bumper, which reaches all the way under the engine to the crossmember and sports a quirky air-vent.

Pictured with the blister over-fender kit, type-2 carbon hood and type-2 wing, the new additions to the kit certainly look unique, but personally I think it will look more in place on the D1GP circuit machines than on ’86s rockin’ the everyday streeter look – cars that the old J-Blood styles previously lended themselves to so well.

What do you think? Hit the jump for the gallery and let us know on the comments.


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