The Irish up to their usual tricks again…. It never gets old though, no matter how many times you see it!


11 Responses to Diffin!

  1. Kilian O'Brien says:

    Im Irish, i hate Diffin!

    Its cowboyisg and in general scum ish to be quite frank..

    I hopped into my 1st 86 at 15 an started doin rings and 8’s!


  2. Dave says:

    What the fuck would you know about it, an why if you hate diffin are you watchin this video..

  3. Daryl T says:

    Yep , I agree with Killian .

    In Ireland you have differs who are generally scumbags and just do rings and rings and rings .. and all the Boyz think think it’s great .

    They then give drifting a bad name by acting the faggots on roads , racing all over the shop and being boy racers …. AND everyone then thinks that drifting is doing rings in the local KFC car park and winking your Cibbies at a crowd of inbred teenagers .

    There are however those that enjoy ‘diffing’ , which is grand , and are actually normal enough people …. but to those people, get your ass over to drifting, ,it’s muhc more fun :)

  4. Garth says:

    fire up ireland, its just burnouts!

  5. Trev says:

    thats me in the car, i like diffing, i dont like drifitng but i dont comment on it either so if you dont like diffing yet your still here watching it then butter up your lips and kiss the sweaty end of my ass.
    Im no scumbag either, neither are any of my freinds who enjoy diffing, i come from a good family, work hard for my cams and enjoy fooling in them and that video was in a friends yard on private land and we upset no one.
    Everyone to there own at the end of the day!

  6. your oul 1 says:

    youd swear no1 drifted on the roads of ireland,its a bit of harmless fun, no1 whos does a bit of diffin thinks there a god but lads who go sideways around a corner think there drift kings, fact is if your good a diffin your good a driftin…

  7. Bundyae85 says:

    nice vid trev!!! LEGEND :D

    eircamae86 you can be found on every site known to man causin trouble at this stage LOL :D you mad F**CKER ya!!!! :D

  8. Catrina says:

    Well said Trevor! ;)

  9. Mouwt says:

    Yes, go on trevor you smelly scumbag! Haha,

  10. williek says:

    well done trev, couldn’t have said it better, brill vid btw!! ADC ftw!!!

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