Okayama AE86 Festival 2009 videos

Okyama AE86 festival 2009 videos
The pictures of the Okayama AE86 Festival 2009 were posted last week by Garth. Slowly more pictures and videos are surfacing. :)

My personal favorite video of the festival is a game of leapmanji-frog played by four hachis on the straight of the circuit! Check em all out after the jump!

Very amusing to watch!

Youtube user hachirokuoyaji1969 is posting the videos he shot at the festival. He keeps on posting them and the current count is already at 16 videos!

Of course I created a playlist with all videos the hachirokuoyaji1969 posted so far and if new videos get posted (also by others!) we will add them to the playlist! ;)
Okyama AE86 Festival playlist

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