Tec-Art’s 4-Pot Brake Kit


After seeing Beauman had purchased the Willwood brake kit for his drift AE86 build, I started thinking – Just what kind of bolt-on alternatives are out there? Well it just so happens after some random ‘net browsing I see that the guys over at Tec-Art’s have recently developed their own.

Like many other workshops and companies the kit contains only components for the front pair of brakes leaving modifying the rear to your own devices.  The rotors are a custom-hat design utilising 2071S aluminium, are huge at 275mm in diameter and are vented and slotted for maximum heat dispersion.

Red seems to be the ‘in’ colour for brake calipers and Tec-Art’s haven’t deviated from the norm with their own 4-pot’s.  When ordering, you get to choose from street or circuit pads and the kit also comes with all the the fixing parts; custom bracket (made from special duralmin), braided brake hoses, bracket bolts, washers, shims and some locktite.

When you consider the exchange rates, at ¥262,500 they aren’t exactly cheap. But then again with brake kits not many really are.







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