Hazards Of A Drift Missile


Alexi from noriyaro is up to no good again, this time with his drift missile coverage.

This flat-black Levin used to belong to Satoshi “Wampaku” Nakatani from Garage LFW. That was until the engine blew and Shino from Shino Kouba garage bought it cheap and stuck a standard 4A-GE in it to have some fun with. Unfortunately though, when you’re driving a car you don’t really care about crashing, you sometimes do.

Carnage after the Jump!

The frame was bent, so this hachi’s drifting days are over. Don’t feel too bad for it though. The boot floor had rust holes big enough to put your head through….



But the Japanese, never ones to leave a person stranded, all jumped in…


… got her upright…


.. and Shino was fine!

All Photos + Text: noriyaro.com


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