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Need to clean up all that engine oil you just dumped on the driveway because there was a REALLY big spider on your sump plug? Or want to stop you windows fogging up when you’re up to no good?? Read further to find out how!


Getting hot and heavy with the missus in the car then cant see anything to get home? or on those rainy days and the windscreen fogs up? Follow these simple instructions and never have this problem again! All you need is a bowl or jug, dishwashing detergent, a sponge and a towel!

Put a very generous amount of dishwashing detergent in the bowl and add water. Don’t add to much water though you don’t want to mix the detergent into the water. Next using the sponge wipe the detergent and water mix all over the windscreen and other windows, and leave to dry WITHOUT wiping off. Make sure you put a good covering on there too. Once dry using the towel polish off the water and detergent mix and viola unfoggable windows!


Having spill my fair share of oil and grease on my driveway, i found this works extremely well.  All you need is ordinary dishwashing detergent (again..) and squeeze an amount over the spilled oil or grease and leave for about an hour.  Now when you come back you will notice the oil has started to break down and all you have to do now is hose or pour water on it, and it turns into harmless suds and wont leave a stain.

You can also mix detergent with water and soak oily or greasy parts, again for about an hour or more (the longer you leave it the better) and come back and most of the oil will now be on top of the water!  Second option is you can use ordinary cat litter. the cheaper the better and then just shovel it into the bin.


Its always the way, removed a sticker or window wind deflector and left with that baked on sticky stuff, or ploughed through a plague of insects on spirited drive? Well if you have no amount of washing will not always get the crap off you need something that will remove the stain or sticky gunk with out ruining your paint.

The answer? Eucalyptus Oil.  Cheap, effective and probably in most households in Australia, eucalyptus oil just needs to be rubbed in to the effected area and leave for a minute. Come back to it and you should now be able to wipe clean your now pristine surface. Repeat ad-nauseum until completely clean.


Eventually well come to that stage and want to remove the terrible side protector door strips or, like me, have stick on pinstripes (ill never remove mine i love them!) and want them gone for that clean shaven look then look no further.

All you need is mum’s (or your own) hair dryer! Set it on full heat and heating a section at a time use the dryer on the desired area and slowly it will start to loosen up enough for you to pull it off easily. If you wait for a really hot day and leave the car in the sun, or can do it in a garage it will work much better.

You can combine this with the eucalyptus oil for a perfectly smooth look.


It happens to everyone at some stage, chowing down on your local take away as you drive along and you inevitably spill your food or drink all over you carpet or on your seats.  Again very simple and cheap fix, but the sooner you clean the spill, the better the result.

Soda Water. Yep that’s right, the plain ordinary soda water you use to  mix nana’s scotch with each night. What you need to do is clean the effected area with paper towels or paper (paper towels works best in this situation) dabbing dry. Then using a small amount of the soda water rub gently into the fabric or carpet, and leave for about 30 sec. Then all you do is again with your paper towel is dab it dry your all done!

Stay tuned for more HR tips and tricks in the future!


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