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April HR Meet @ HOOTERS Sydney!

Orange short shorts, tasty ribs, NA Power and the war cry of ‘RA RA RA its my birthday’ were what was experienced by all that attended the April monthly meet up Sunday night at the Sydney Hooters restaurant in Parramatta!

Turn up was 7pm sharp, and sharp it was! First crazy i saw was Mr Adam, in his nicely tuned Aussie Sprinter along with him was a sweet looking gunmetal GTV 86 driven by none other then Jun himself! Few others rolled in with that look in their eye that they wanted a fat steak and the sights of some sexy girls.

Our brand new range of HR stickers were out in force as everyone parted with their church change for some slick glitter chrome goodness! More designs and vinyl effects to come so watch the blog for more!

Cars to remember were young Damo’s mint JDM Trueno hatch which is the hotness of hot for the new kids on the block! It’s good to see such eager new 86 owners! Speaking of newbies, the exact opposite definition was the Purple Trueno Coupe owned by old-school hachi disciple and HR blogger Andrew! Yet another hot hot import coupe courtesy of the Irishman in the west!

Food was great! Laughs and company were even better! Hope to see you all at the next one!

Cheers to Kei Pix and Matt Mead Photography for the camera work.

Pics after the jump.


Massive AE86 Meet: Irish Style!

Irish AE86 Meet

Our AE86-crazy friends over in Ireland really know how to run an event! This is a meet held at a private yard in Tullow (County Carlow for the non-locals). In a warehouse with ample clear space outside, crazy paddy’s got their revs on with a show-off inside and then circle work outside. We love it (and to be honest are hella jealous of their warehouse)!

Word on the street is the next meet is at the rally of the lakes in Killarney in early May, and then the organisers are planning on going back to the Carlow venue after that for more of the same, so if your keen on attending, contact the hachiroku fella’s over at to get the inside info!

More pics plus a video after the jump.


Cullen Motorsport: Aussie Rally-spec AE86

The NSW Oberon Rally was on last weekend and Ben Cullen with his Group A Rally TTA Levin coupe Replica hit the dirt and came out of the event with an awesome result placing 12th outright out of a field of 42. He also placed 1st P2 (1300-1600cc class) which by any measure is an awesome start to his 2008 rally assault. Ben says 2008 will see him competing in both of the New South Wales events of the Australian Rally Championship as well as the State Championship.


AE86 vs VTEC Battle in Tsukuba Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit played host to an AE86 vs VTEC Track Day. Which consisted of an open practice through out the day, with a race to finish it off in the afternoon. The race combined the fastest ’86s and Hondas from the earlier practice sessions and put them head-to-head in an all out battle for NA superiority. The race was taken out by the Techno Pro Spirit AE86 Levin affectionatly known as ‘Taro’ but it wasn’t given an easy time as it was pushed all the way to a nail-biting finish by the YellowFactory EG Civic (both pictured above).

Some pictures from the event after the jump.


New HR Stickers Now Available!

Here at the HR sticker lab, we have been working hard to produce a range of new stickers for you guys and gals to slap on your trusty steeds and represent your love for all things AE86!

These suckers will set you back only $3.00AUD each! There is also a discount if you make multiple purchases at one time. IE: Buy 4 and only pay $10! This special promotion is a great idea from our lovely HR sticker model, so get in quick coz that’s a hot deal – just like her chest!

We have Carbon, Black Glitter, Gold Glitter, Rainbow Chrome Mirror, White, Red, Blue, Red Glitter, Yellow, Gold Metallic, Bronze Metallic, Green Glitter, and Silver Glitter plus heaps more to come!

So to get your hands on these please email

Advise how many stickers you’d like and what colors, then send your Full name and address in the email and after you have deposited your $$$ the stickers will be sent to you asap!

Please remember to email before you deposit money.

Full details can be found here

(Raunchy pics of sticker range after the jump, PS. NSFW!)


Cheers to Kultivate Weblog!

Jeroen from Kultivate Weblog has kindly featured our site on his massively popular auto blog. it’s not every day you have someone so humble as to post your brand new blog on their’s (highly regarded throughout the world with over 3000 unique views everyday too).

So don’t delay, head on over to his site and see some top-notch tuner-auto coverage!

Cheers Jeroen!


VIDEO: Can You do This?

Katsuhiro Ueo is the undisputed god when it comes to drifting the AE86. This video was from the D1 Street Legal Sekia Hills round where he was piloting a Levin Coupe powered with only a 90hp blacktop 20V. Not many people can steer like that. Simply amazing!!!!!!

Source: Youtube

Sydney HR Monthly Meet – Sunday Night!

We only buy it for the articles, we swear...

UPDATE: Tonight is the night people! make sure you’re on time (7pm) and hungry ‘cos the ribs (and the racks..) be hella tasty!

Ok so its time again for all us crazy Sydney AE86 owners to get together for the Sydney HR Monthly Meet up and this month we are holding it at HOOTERS!

Join us at HOOTERS just off James Ruse Dr, where we will meet in the down stairs carpark while we all practice our best pick up lines for those lovely HOOTERS girls who await our fine gentlemen-like charms upstairs, then shoot some pics of our steeds (thats your cars, we know what you were thinking cowboy!) and finally making it upstairs to feed our faces, laugh, cry and bask in the glory of all that is HOOTERS.

Hit the jump for Details and a Map!


4A-G + Turbo + 10,000RPM = 400HP

Hasselgren Engineering is currently developing a Turbo Formula Alantic 16v for the Falken sponsored AE86 driven by Taka Anono, to compete in the 2008 Formula D Championship. The engine will be good for 10,000rpm and make around 400rwhp. This power will be passed through a OS Giken close ratio FC rx7 box, a mk1 supra rear end and smoking up wide Falken tyres. This is a powertrain that any AE86 owner would die for, it will be truly amazing to see and we cant wait for video footage.

More photos of the insane powerplant after the jump.


VIDEO: 7A-GE 20v Levin Coupe

This is what you get when you put a 7A-GE 20v with an SXE10 (Altezza) 6 speed into an AE86 Levin Coupe.

(Yes, we know the music sucks!)

Source: Youtube