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REVIEW: Greddy Type S Suspension

Greddy Type S Suspension System

Possibly the most crucial question that faces any AE86 driver and owner out there is:

What suspension should I get?

It’s a difficult question to answer as the response depends heavily on a drivers personal needs. Do you want just to use your car for track only, or drift, maybe street driving is your thing? The most likely reply is that it’s a combination of 1 or more these things.

Until recently most suspension setups for the AE86 have been a bit of a mix and match affair, with the most common setups using KYB, TRD TOKICO shocks and a various array of springs. Macpherson-Style coilover fronts are generally the norm and are handmade at a local suspension workshop or in the garage. While we’re not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing we are saying it can be a difficult and costly exercise to get right.


A True Visonary Passes On

Sakurai\'s Creation: The TRD N2 Hot Version

On March 16th, Early morning Japan Time, Sakurai-San of TRD Toyota Technocraft passed away.

Most of you will be quite familiar with Sakurai-San as he was a prominent feature in Best Motoring’s “AE86 Club” series as the creator of Keiichi Tsuchiya’s Street AE86 and the infamous N2 Battle TRD AE86.

Previous to fame via DVD’s worldwide, he enjoyed a long career with the TRD family in both racing and street car development. Sakurai-San was the ‘hand of god’ at designing and producing winning N2 AE86 designs throughout the 80’s and having had much to do overall with almost all of Toyota’s race and sports cars, he was indeed one of the greatest assets to Toyota’s motorsports programs.

Also, with rumors and ongoing preparation for AE86’s successor within a few years, it is unfortunate that he did not see or lead the project for the return of the new iteration of his ‘heart and soul’ car to the Toyota product line.

Today we must mourn of a loss of a great hero, who brought the AE86 to glory…

So to you Mr.Sakurai, we honor your dedication to our beloved hachiroku and hope you may forever Rest in Peace.

Source: Club4AG
Image: Hot Version

Is This The Inspiration for the AE86’s Successor?

RSR Scion tC

Scion today announced it will drift a new RWD RS*R Scion tC in Formula Drift events this year. The RS*R Scion tC features a 3SGE Beams motor, HKS GT3037 turbo and intercooler, Blitz Dual SBC boost controller, and AEM EMS engine management system that outputs more than 400 horsepower, compared to the stock 161 horsepower. A G-Force five-speed sequential transmission, Tilton triple carbon clutch, Project Mu brakes, RS-R coilovers, Sparco Corsa seats and a custom concept wide body kit are also fitted. The tC is rollong on Enkei RPF1 wheels and Toyo Proxes® R1R™ tires.


Nostalgic Racing in Japan

Kataoka Racing Sevice

Kataoka Racing Service is a japanese workshop that organises nostalgic car track days in the Western regions of Japan. Amazingly, the field is made up of mostly AE86’s but there are a spattering of other fine examples of classic JDM steel aswell.


Matt’s Levin Coupe

Matt\'s Levin Coupe

Now that’s some seriously hot coupe! Hit up Matt’s members rides thread on the forums or his Flickr to check out more hot pics!

Sydney HR March Meet-Up

Sydney HR Meet

BARRRRP!! Was the noise many unaware average citizens heard fly past them on a beautiful Sunday evening. As these unfortunate people were off home to catch the latest episode of the latest shite tv, a select few others were off to the first HR monthly meet up!

The meet was held in a empty car park of an oversized hardware warehouse, therefore the sight many saw as they rolled in, was a small selection of Sydney’s most hardcore AE86’s!