350hp Turbo F22C Formula D AE86

First there was high powered NA 4A-GEs, then turbo were thrown in the mix for when you began to feel you needed that little bit more. But when the 4A-G no longer cuts it, people go in search off other manufactures to power the heart and soul of their own little hachi roku. Some decide a dirty Nissan engine would be perfect, but the new craze is the “VTEC yo!” F20/22C powerplant from the Honda S2000. Combining a 800kg ’86 with a 250hp powerplant that revs to 9000rpm and you have a reciepe for something really amazing.

However, this was not the case for John Russakoff, Formula D competitor and owner of JSP, who after competing in a Standard F22C found that it just didn’t cut the mustard. This saw him implement some changes to boost (pun intended) the output up to 350hp by bolting a Garrett GT28RS turbo. However this was no simple “bolt on” procedure. For the details I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Here is a video of John testing the new setup:


The full turbo build can be found on the following link:


If anyone is thinking about going F20/22C? John sells an almost bolt in conversion kit to fit one into an 86 which can be found here:


Source: Speedhunters, Club4ag, JSP

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