Simply The Best. Better Then All The Rest.

Could this be the best Hachi Roku to ever be built outside of Japan? Or could this even be the best the world has ever seen?

This car hails from the never sunny UK, where a crazy English man known as Ian G has spent over 3 years & thousands of Pounds to create his ideal F20C-powered Hachi Roku.

The build has had no expense spared and I have felt honoured to watch its progress over the past few years Seeing the amazing fabrication that this car has received from UK based workshop RS-Fabrication, more commonly known for building WRC and Irish tarmac rally cars, their work on this AE86 build is nothing short of truly amazing.

If you have a spare hour or so i strongly suggest you read all 39 (yes thirty nine…) pages of the build thread over at Drift Works Forums.

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