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AE86 related events & HR Official Events.

CBY @ Nikko Circuit


Slowly, like some kinda ’86 crack dealer, Alexi from Noriyaro is tantilising us with footage from the 8/6 Day @ Nikko Circuit. First up are these shots of the ‘record breaking’ CBY Trueno. It’s cars like this that really back up my reasons of loving white Trueno 3-doors with HUGE negative offset Watanabe wheels. It just looks so damn purposed and serious.

Check em out!

2009 AE86 Festival

It’s happening again! 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of the event, and Okayama International Circuit will again host the N2-style Challenge Cup Race! There will no doubt be much more AE86 love happening over the weekend too! I love this video, it’s reminiscent of the crazy antics of our very own AE86 Annual, except on a much larger, Japanesey scale!

After you are smiling like an idiot from watching the video, check out last year’s coverage by HR Blogger Harley, and then fall off your chair!

LIVE: 8/6 Day @ Nikko Circuit


What you’re seeing (or would have been, now the day is done and dusted) is the 8/6 Day celebrations from Nikko Circuit’s live webcam feed! It should be very different for every one who sees it as its a live updated image which will change throughout the day! So if you simply can’t wait until the photos from the event make their way onto the net tonight or tomorrow, just keep on refreshing HR all day to get your fix as it happens LIVE in Japan!

If you see an unusually tall Japanese person in the photo wearing a bright yellow shirt, don’t be alarmed! That’s not a Japanese superhuman bio-engineered mutant soldier, but friend of HR and all round good guy Alexi from who is @ the circuit capturing the event for us all!

Hard F**kin’ Core


Again we have Mr Alvendia doing what he does best: shooting AE86s! This time a killer action shot of some dirt turbo at the Ziptied All Star Bash. Antonio writes:

I just found out that Orange County based AE86er Luke Pakula is originally from Chicago – in fact, while we were all catching up and getting our grub on at KBBQ in Koreatown, Luke explained that he went to high school with some of the Risky Devil guys. No wonder they were so friendly and happy to see each other at the track, haha! Luke was working on aggressively conquering the top of the fishbowl on the back section of Streets, but at one point, he slipped off the pavement, with his rear wheels kicking up tons of dirt! Looked dope though!

I can’t argue there. A sick hachiroku and a super agressive angle shot too. Lets hope Antonio reads this and gives us the wallpaper version!

Check out the rest of the series over @ MotorMavens

Dutch Trueno Feature @ Speedhunters


August 6th will be celebrated as the official Hachi-roku day! Speedhunters will do this, just like last year, with a couple of hachi-roku features. This year one of the features will be a stunning Dutch Trueno owned by AEU86 user Mike N and photographed by Speedhunter Jeroen Willemsen on an industrial background.


Drift Attack @ Taupo


Keisuke is at it again with another drift event in the land of the long white cloud.

This Event was the well known Driftopia Expression days held to cover everyone who wants to attend a track and drift, wether it be a complete beginner to top D1NZ drivers.

NZ is really coming into it’s prime within the global drifting fraternity. Check out the pretty sharp set of photos in the gallery over @ 86 Fighters blog.

Hybrid Hachiroku?


A somewhat odd piece of news today, but Dino @ Speedhunters blog has caught some images of a very interesting Levin that was present at the recent Tuning Powers show in Tokyo last week.

I present to you the hachiroku of the future. There is no 4AG powering this Levin…it has been replaced with an electric motor by the guys at the Chiba Automobile University CATS. Not sure how it would drive, but there is a good chance it will have more torque than those asthmatic 4AG’s! Hehe

While Dino shares no love for the venerable 4A, it’s still worth a look so head over to Speedhunters for the other pics as well as a sexy shot of the Prime Garage 5AG… yummeh!

Hot Hot Heat @ FormulaD Vegas


Long time die-hard AE86 addict and friend of HR Blog, Antonio Alvendia is again behind the lens, this time shooting the USA’s latest drifting events. From the latest round of FormulaD last weekend he brings us this tasty morsel of hachiroku lovin’.

Back on the grid, Vegas native Tommy Suell had to cool his SR-powered AE86 down quickly in between tandem drifting runs with Apex’i driver Ryuji Miki. We’re not sure if everyone realizes it, but Tommy’s AE86 is actually right hand drive. Tommy grew up in Japan and can speak fluent Japanese. Hopefully he is comfortable  enough to cuss Miki out in Japanese for beating him in tandem! Props to Tommy and his crew for all their hard work! Notice the Vegas number on Tommy’s door? 777 spin em!

While RHD ’86s are the norm for us here Down Under, it’s a pretty rare thing to see in the ‘States. Check out the rest of the set over @ MotorMavens!

Take A Trip Back In Time


From the Osaka Auto Messe in fairly recent 2005 to the Suzuka Motorsports Festival way back in 1992, this Japanese page has some real killer galleries of the cars of yesteryear (not to mention the fairly shocking umbrella girls too…) so spend a good few hours reminicing, or if you’re too young just stare in awe!

HACHiRoCK! 2009

hacxhirock fes

HACHiRoCK! festa is upon us again for 2009 and in typical Japanese fashion, 250 ‘hachiroku mania’ got their entries in super-early to secure all the available spots for this years event. Last years event was massive with an awesome display of AE86’s and hachiroku related fun being had for pretty much anyone who dared enter the frenzy that was the Sagamiko Resort parking area.

As the trend went in 2008, this years event will see KMS, RunFree, Speed1166, TEC-ART’S, Impulse and CBY and a huge list of other powerhouse AE86 garages bringing along exhibition parts and their killer demo cars for everyone to check out and enjoy (and if your global financial crisis budget allows, maybe buy some too!)

Check out their site (Japanese Only) for the full list of info and companies attending the event and we will keep you updated on photos as they come!