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HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 Coverage!

hachirock 2009 pics

Our friends at were very fast with finding coverage of the HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 held September 13th. They already posted a short video of an amazing turbo levin (400hp+ 5AGTE, see also the picture after the jump!) driving to the festival last Tuesday and last Friday they finally posted pictures of the festival!


Portugal Power!


Being the birthing nation of our fine AE86, the Japanese are masters of the national ’86 meet, and from what we’ve seen up until now, the Irish are a close second but with this, that might change!  The owners of Portugal put on their annual national AE86 meet seeing over 60 immaculate (mostly Levin) hachirokus convene upon Lieria for a sitdown lunch, afternoon skidpan event and some cruising to Caetano Auto Toyota dealership for what seems showbags and other fancy treats! It’s great to see the local dealerships getting behind the now ageing hachiroku and it’s rabid fans!

See the huge gallery of videos and photographs over @ our friends on the AEU86 and AE86PT forums!

AE86Peru x DriftPeru Meet


Our friends over in Peru have been at it again, introducing the world of drifting to their friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Sergio from the ClubAE86 Peru writes of their recent ‘trackday’ that they held in conjunction with the crew from DriftPeru:

There is a shantytown outside Lima – Peru , in a far away city. It’s along the Pacific Ocean and miles from civilization. On a Sunday morning, the AE86Peru club alongside many friends of the Driftperu organization were there, plus some friends that had come from a drift in japan to teach us some techniques.

In total there were we get together around 35 to 40 cars, mostly AE86 but also KP61s, Altezzas and countless assorted Nissans. This is the highest concentration of drift that has taken place in Peru to date! Drifting like this is in its infancy here, people do not have high powered engines or professional racing circuits like in other countries so we managed to have fun our way, looking for places like this to start the drift!

Check out  Sergio and his mates over @ ClubAE86 Peru and the pics and video after the jump.


That Unmistakable Style


If it’s one thing those paddys can do, it’s throw a car meet. Hit the link to see some wicked hachirokus and some rare as hell Toyota steel from a recent car show in Ireland.

HR Forums.

Another Drift Weekend


Two weeks ago was round 5 of the International Drift Series in eastern Germany on location at a small regional airport. Of course, I had to be there and represent for all the Hachi owners/lovers. The track itself was rather small but competition was tough as always.


Section D


No, it’s not Project D, Initial D or Perfect D. This is Section D, an AE86 crew (amongst others) hailing from Hawaii.  HR member EVADE (who is always in the thick of the hachiroku scene in the 808 state) is a part of this well-fitted club and recently they met up for a day of driving and hanging out.

Check out the pics @ AEU86 Forums!

Okayama AE86 Festival 2009


Just when I thought the ’09 event had dropped off the face of the earth, Justin @ 7TUNE saves the day with their late (but still very much appeciated) coverage of the AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit. I’ve spent the last week scouring mixi, minkara and a selection of Japanese ’86 blogs from Hiroshima and not a single decent (ie non camer-phone pic) from the event has been uploaded. Lucky for us, we have 7TUNE in Japan doing the ’86 community worldwide a favor by getting these up. Maybe 2010 will be the year I finally get to this hallowed gathering?

I must say the event, which in 2009 celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, is getting even more polished and professional the older it gets. Just the sheer quality of the cars presented to race is simply phenomenal, not to mention the minters in the carpark!

I must say, that BANKING Levin in bronze had to be my favorite of the day. Simple and unique! Check out the huge gallery over at the 7TUNE site. … and once youre done there, i suggest reminicing with our 2008 coverage of the event here!

Something Different: OSTC ’09


With over 300 retro rides parked for a day in the sun, the Old School Toyota Car Club Classic Import Car Show last weekend was a huge hit!  With people coming from all over the Eastern States of the USA, it was surely a day of steel and chrome appreciations with not only Toyotas represented, but also a selection of Datsuns, Mazdas and even a few domestics too!

Go have a look at the variety of rides (including more than a few AE86s!) over @ AEU86 Forums!

86 Day @ Nikko


Finally we have the photo coverage from the 86 Day event at Nikko Circuit last week. Alexi @ Noriyaro has put up a mixed bag of the cars that attended the celebrations.  I particularly like the black KDS coupe and this lovely white hatch pictured above… so clean.

Check out yesterday’s Part 1 here while you wait for todays part 2, which should be up in no time!

Last One Ever: 2009 Nisei Week Showoff


The common misconception when it comes to “show” style events that its all about chrome wheels, tanned leather interiors and penis hair cuts (especially in Australia). But as times change, so do the style of cars put on display at show events. Some say it has changed for the worse, I personally believe it has changed for the better. A perfect example of this was at last weekend 2009 Nisei Week Show Off in Los Angeles, USA with a mix and match of many different styles.