AE86Peru x DriftPeru Meet


Our friends over in Peru have been at it again, introducing the world of drifting to their friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Sergio from the ClubAE86 Peru writes of their recent ‘trackday’ that they held in conjunction with the crew from DriftPeru:

There is a shantytown outside Lima – Peru , in a far away city. It’s along the Pacific Ocean and miles from civilization. On a Sunday morning, the AE86Peru club alongside many friends of the Driftperu organization were there, plus some friends that had come from a drift in japan to teach us some techniques.

In total there were we get together around 35 to 40 cars, mostly AE86 but also KP61s, Altezzas and countless assorted Nissans. This is the highest concentration of drift that has taken place in Peru to date! Drifting like this is in its infancy here, people do not have high powered engines or professional racing circuits like in other countries so we managed to have fun our way, looking for places like this to start the drift!

Check out  Sergio and his mates over @ ClubAE86 Peru and the pics and video after the jump.










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