HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 Coverage!

hachirock 2009 pics

Our friends at 86ers.org were very fast with finding coverage of the HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 held September 13th. They already posted a short video of an amazing turbo levin (400hp+ 5AGTE, see also the picture after the jump!) driving to the festival last Tuesday and last Friday they finally posted pictures of the festival!

hachirock 2009 Prosper-spl Levin

In the mean time we also found a few other blogs and galleries containing pictures of the event: blog posting by genki☆86, Gallery 1, 2 and 3 by Takublog posting by Mattariblog posting by Commuter express (also the coverage of the hotel and return is worth reading/watching!)

Looking at all those sweet hachis I wish I could have been there as well! (me too! – Garth) Enjoy!!

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