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Thanks to Dino at SPEEDHUNTERS and Zack and Chad from JyuRoku, there was a HEAP of fantastic coverage of this years HACHiRoCK! Festa (Festival) at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest.

Speedhunters gave us a great story from lenseman Dino Dalle Carbonare and his journey to hachirock, as well as his highlights and a wheel gallery of a selection of AE86s attending the gathering.

JyuRoku went even further with their event highlights, but also with in depth galleries of the AE86 cockpits and engine bays separately AND this awesome video:

After experiencing the greatness of Fuji 86 Style in August, HACHiRoCK and the Okayama AE86 Festival are two events I would love to witness in person! Maybe 2013 eh? Have you ever been on a Japanese AE86 pilgrimage? Show us your photos in the comments!

[HACHiRoCK Official Page]

HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 Coverage!

hachirock 2009 pics

Our friends at 86ers.org were very fast with finding coverage of the HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2009 held September 13th. They already posted a short video of an amazing turbo levin (400hp+ 5AGTE, see also the picture after the jump!) driving to the festival last Tuesday and last Friday they finally posted pictures of the festival!


HACHiRoCK! 2009

hacxhirock fes

HACHiRoCK! festa is upon us again for 2009 and in typical Japanese fashion, 250 ‘hachiroku mania’ got their entries in super-early to secure all the available spots for this years event. Last years event was massive with an awesome display of AE86’s and hachiroku related fun being had for pretty much anyone who dared enter the frenzy that was the Sagamiko Resort parking area.

As the trend went in 2008, this years event will see KMS, RunFree, Speed1166, TEC-ART’S, Impulse and CBY and a huge list of other powerhouse AE86 garages bringing along exhibition parts and their killer demo cars for everyone to check out and enjoy (and if your global financial crisis budget allows, maybe buy some too!)

Check out their site (Japanese Only) for the full list of info and companies attending the event and we will keep you updated on photos as they come!