FNATZ AE86 Trueno Coupe

Due for a full feature in HPI issue #95, (on the stands any day now) this little AE86 was prettied up and shot by resident Japanaholic and motoring journalist Alexi Smith.

Owned by a mechanic from the renowned FNATZ workshop in Tokyo, this daily driver (no i’m not kidding, she’s a daily…) rides on semi slicks powered by a 150kW naturally aspirated 4A-GE with 11.7:1 compression, Cosworth pistons and the rest of the power package goodies you’ll have to pick up the mag to check out.

Not to mention its GX71 power steering conversion and killer trademark Longchamp XR-4’s, this is one feature you dont wanna miss!

Photo: Alexi Smith

HR Victoria Fish & Chips Meet Report

Eleven Sprinters, freezing cold weather and over priced fish & chips pretty much sums up the second Victorian HR monthly meet up, but all was not lost – we still had a day dedicated to our collective AE86’s!

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!

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86’s do the Nurburgring

When the coolest cars in the world visit the coolest circuit in the world, it’s certainly an event to remember.  We have put together some of the AE86 Nurburgring shots we’ve found on the web for you all to enjoy. If you have photos from your own circuit travels let us know!

Check em out after the jump!

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Tec Art’s ‘Street-Spec’ Trueno

Some shots of the Tec-Art’s Street Spec Trueno from the D1 exhibition round at Odaiba last weekend to start your working week of AE86 style – It’s pretty nice for a drift car. Certainly a pity they don’t make more drift cars this nice here in Australia.

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VIDEO: Coilover Conversion How-To

We know a lot of AE86 owners like to get their hands dirty and save a few dollars so here is a few videos of how to convert your front suspension to a coil-over system.

Videos after the Jump.

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HR Melbourne Meet This Saturday!

It’s time again for the Victorian crew to get out there and drive and this month we decided to get some meet and eat and of course, photo opportunities!

Event Information
Meet at Albert park, fish and chips at Rex Hunt (Yibbida Yibbida) fish & chip store near the pier then photoshoot at Westgate Bridge or Docklands.

21st June 2008 *This Saturday*

Meet at 12pm then leave at 1pm to go to Rex Hunt Fish & Chips

Meeting point – Carpark on Aquatic Drive, Albert Park
Fish & Chips – 105 Beach Street, Port Melbourne

What to bring
Yourself, your AE86 and the HR attitude!!

Rules and common sense outlined:
1. Members/attendees found to be acting in such a manner may have their plate reported to the relevant authorities, and will not be welcome at any future meets.
2. Any guests which you bring along must not act in the manners outlined above. Your guest your responsibility.
3. Please come and have fun but be mindful of the location and the people that are at the meeting too.
4. Do try not to litter the venue we choose to hold our events and meetings. You must have come in a car so dump your rubbish back in there and take it home for disposal.
5. and of course HAVE FUN!!!

See You There!

Can You Feel The TE37 Love?!

Are TE37s the hottest wheel to be put on the AE86? We think they are and so we have got a gallery of the hottest AE86’s wearing TE37 for stompin’ boots.

Hit the jump for the Gallery.

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JCCA Parking Lot Madness!

Only in Japan is it possible to have a parking lot THIS cool! AE86’s were certainly NOT the main attraction at this years JCCA ‘Parking Lot Party’ although a few did sneak in. The mainstay? Hako’s, S30 Z’s, Bozu styled everything and so many other examples of classic JDM steel. If this is only the carpark for the event can you imagine what’s inside?

Check out the few AE86 pics from the carpark party and a link to the gallery after the jump.

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Hill Was Conquered – 86 Style!!!

A car that we recently featured on this blog (click to see) has shown some of its potentional at a recent hill climb in the UK. The event was completely new to all the competitors, but no one would of expected the little hachi roku to take out the honors of fastest time of the day. The 86, known as Black Betty, was up against some stiff competition such as ‘Super 7’ Clubman’s, worked WRX’s and many different Evo’s. The highlight of the day was the battle between the 86 and a 450hp pulsar GTir, each taking the fastest time of the day run after run.

However in the last run the pulsar went all out to try and win and ended up into the trees. The driver was ok, but the same can’t be said about the car (see picture after jump). It was a great result for Black Betty and I hope this will lead to even better results in the future!

Pictures can be seen after the jump as well as a video.

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Sideways At Tsukuba

Mike Garrett of Auto-Otaku and more recently Speedhunters fame has some sweet shots of drifting at a track which happens to be just around the corner from his house, the one and only Tsukuba Circuit!

The lucky guy spends many a day down at the infamous circuit and doesn’t disappoint with some of the best sideways action featuring a few awesome hachi roku’s getting their slide on!

Check out the pics after the jump and check out his site for more awesome automotive photography!

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